How to Have a Haunting Halloween at Home

Halloween usually consists of trick or treating, fancy dress parties and scary events but this year will be a bit different. With the pandemic some might assume that Halloween has been cancelled, but it hasn’t been. With some clever and creative thinking, you can transform your space into a spooktacular house of horrors that will keep your bubble entertained this spooky season. Our range of pop-up gazebos will provide shelter and a blank canvas for you to go crazy with. You could hang on some of the usual Halloween decorations or go all out with DIY decorations that you and your family have made.

lit up jack-o-lantern

Decoration Creation Station

Wow, that was a mouthful! To get in the mood for Halloween you need start with making your surroundings spooky, creepy and chilling. The right decoration will enhance your Halloween spirit, getting you ready for the ghosts and ghouls. If you use a gazebo as a decoration creation station you’ll have free-reign over your decorations, creating the wildest and most interesting pieces ever. Arts and crafts can be extremely fun, and as you’ll be doing them outside in the garden, you won’t have to worry as much about the clear up after!

Carve Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a necessity when it comes to Halloween. Not only can you use the insides of the pumpkin to make some delicious autumnal food, you can also have fun with the face or design you carve into the pumpkin, making it as scary or creative as you like.

The only downside to carving pumpkins is the mess it makes; instead of doing it in the same old spot, you could use the pop-up gazebo again and create a carving station in the garden. The gazebo will offer shelter and, with the right decoration, can be made into the perfect spooky setting for disembowelling your pumpkins.

Carved pumpkins

Decorating Sweet Halloween Treats

Baking alone can be fun but on Halloween it’s even better! Making sweet treats in the shapes of spiders, ghosts and all things spooky just seems to make them taste better. With your multi-purpose pop-up gazebo coming to the rescue yet again, you could transform your garden space into a decorating station to maximise the fun and minimise the mess. You’ll be able to be as free and messy as you want with your decorating without the worry of clearing it up after.

Create a Halloween Home Cinema

Nothing quite beats a scary film on Halloween, that’s what it’s all about! With our pop-up gazebos you can create your own personal cinema right in your garden. The side panels on our gazebos are ideal if you want to use a projector to watch the film on. Get your chosen snacks together, point your projector at the panel and get comfy. You may want to bring out some cushions and blankets too; you might be too scared to move after!

Have a Halloween Disco in Your Bubble

A big part of Halloween is having fun and letting your hair down. The best way to do this is with a good old fashioned Halloween disco. The perfect mix of disturbing decor, menacing music and deadly drinks will be sure to have you dancing and having fun late into the night. With a portable speaker you could take the party into your garden and under your gazebo that has been appropriately decorated. The gazebo can provide a dance area with some spooky coloured lights to finish off the dance floor aesthetic.

Halloween party

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