How to Have A Festival At Home

Mad hatter at festival

This year’s Freedom Festival is set to take place early this September but like many other events, they’ve had to discontinue the event in the city of Hull. Unlike many other events however, they are taking their festival digital meaning that you can enjoy the world-class art and culture performances from the comfort of your own home. From Friday the 4th of September until Sunday the 6th, there will be a curated programme being broadcast by the BBC so that you can have a taste of the fantastic event. While it isn’t quite the same as being there in the flesh, there are ways that you can bring that festival atmosphere into your home which will add to your experience!

Take it outdoors

The best way to bring the festival vibes into your home is to be outdoors when watching the extraordinary talent. Setting up a festivalesque seating area in your garden will enhance your experience, almost making you feel like you’re there. Using a pop-up gazebo, chairs (or even blankets) and an extension cord, you can create your viewing area with your TV or a projector if you have one available. Complete the aesthetic with lights, food and drinks for the next best thing to being there.

Outdoor party

Have a viewing party

Yes, we are still in the pandemic and no, you shouldn’t be gathering in large groups, but you can still have a viewing party whether it is via an online video call or outdoors in a spaced manner with up to 6 people. Having other people experiencing and enjoying the broadcast with you will make it all that more special. You can discuss your opinions on performances and even have friendly banter amongst yourselves. After all, no-one goes to a festival to sit by themselves!

Watching TV

Camp in your garden

Instead of just using your garden to watch the event, you could use it to camp in as well to make you feel like you’re away from home. Set up your tent which will be your ‘home’ for the next few days and that’s your job done. It brings all the fun of festival camping to you without the negatives that surround it such as unclean shower and toilet facilities as you’ll already have yours inside. If the weather turns you can just migrate back into your home and continue the event indoors.



A little decoration can have a big effect on your enjoyment of Freedom Festival from your home. If you think about any festival, the first thing that comes to mind is the array of colours, textures and styles all in one place. You can replicate this with bunting, lanterns and hangings to bring the diverse boho chic to your garden.

Balloons hung in the garden

Whichever way you decide to indulge in the arts of Freedom Festival, make sure make the most of it. The pandemic may be forcing us to stay home, but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our fun!

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