How to Fit Parasol Weights at Home

With the great British summer underway, many people are looking to get out into their gardens and other outside spaces. Whilst our summers can be unpredictable, there is no denying that when the weather behaves itself, we are lucky enough to get quite a few days of glorious sunshine, which leads many to seek shelter using a parasol or gazebo. 

Keeping a parasol or gazebo in place often requires the use of weights. This short guide will take you through the steps involved in fitting parasol weights.

How to Fit Weights on a Parasol

Before you affix your parasol to a base, it is vital to ensure that you have the correct sized base. The larger your parasol’s span, the heavier your base needs to be in order to help keep the parasol secure in the breeze. A parasol which is less than 2.3m across needs a weight between 12 and 15kg, whilst parasol weights for a parasol which is 3m across should be between 20 and 30kg.

In order to fit parasol weights, firstly position the weight in place, filling with sand or water if necessary. If the parasol is to be placed through a table, arrange the table in place with the central hole aligned with the receiving hole in the weight. Finally, feed the parasol leg through the hole in the table and into the weight, securing with the finger tighten bolt.

If you are looking to put a gazebo in the garden to offer additional shelter or provide a roof for a barbecue should the rain come, gazebo leg weights will help keep the structure in place if the day is a little more blustery than hoped.

Gazebo Legs & Weights

Weights for gazebo structures tend to affix to the legs of a gazebo, providing additional ballast and stability to the structure. 

Similar to a parasol weight, weights for gazebo legs are filled with sand or water, meaning that they can be put in place before filling to make the task easier. The two halves of a leg weight lock in place around the gazebo’s leg, with large holes in the top making them easy to fill. Adding a gazebo leg weight to each corner affects the weight and therefore the staying power of a gazebo in inclement weather conditions.

Whether you are using a gazebo or parasol to provide shade from the sun or as a temporary shelter from a passing shower, weights can help hold these items in place, keeping you sheltered from the elements, whatever the weather brings!

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