How to Decorate a Christmas Tree that’s Simple Yet Elegant

Everyone here at Garden Comforts is feeling the Christmas spirit creeping in and we can’t wait to start decorating our homes for the festive season. More than anything, we can’t wait to decorate our Christmas trees! With each of us having a different style and theme, we love to compare and show off our masterpieces to one another.

Although we’ve all gone for different colour schemes, we all love our Christmas trees to have tasteful decor. This year we’ve decided to collect and share our tips on how to decorate a Christmas tree that’s simple yet elegant.

If this is your first time decorating a Christmas tree or you simply want to change up your style, this blog is the perfect guide to decorating a simple Christmas tree that still looks tasteful without spending hundreds of pounds or using up hours of your time.

Don’t Over Decorate

First and foremost, you need to make sure you don’t over decorate. Over decorating can be tempting, especially with so many beautiful and unique ornaments out there in the current market. However, you don’t want to overload your tree with masses of ornaments and baubles or it’ll start to look too busy.

The baubles and ornaments you do use need to be spaced out or your tree will look overcrowded in places and unbalanced. To avoid making your tree garish, try sticking to a strict colour theme of no more than three colours – we recommend sticking to one or two colours if you’re using a mixture of shades.

Over Decorated Christmas Tree

Choose the Right Lighting

Start your decorating with some simple lighting. For those who like a classic and timeless look, we love warm white lighting. Ensure your lights are distributed throughout the tree evenly for a soft and balanced glow. Choose lights that have the option of different sequences including a gentle twinkling setting for cosy nights in – this way you can match your tree to the mood of the room, speeding up the tempo when the festivities are in full swing.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with fiddly wired lights every year, consider making the change to a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. Not only will it save you the stress of untangling them each year – only to find that some of the bulbs have broken – but you can also feel confident knowing that the lights will be perfectly spread out throughout the tree. All of our beautiful artificial Christmas trees are pre-lit with four different styles to suit different tastes.

close up of christmas ornaments on christmas tree

Fantastically Frosted 

A frosted tree is stunning enough on its own merit that lots of decorations aren’t necessary to create a tree that’s elegant and beautiful. If you don’t want to draw attention away from the beautiful frosting, decorate the tree with white and silver ornaments for a chic and tasteful look. Glass decorations look especially beautiful on frosted Christmas trees, bringing a delicate look that’s reminiscent of icicles on frosty winter mornings. You can also add in little hints of gold to give it an extra touch of class and sophistication. If you’d like to add some colour, choose metallic blues or pastel pinks to maintain the softness of the tree.  

When choosing a frosted tree, ensure that you get a good close up look at the frosting. If you’re going to invest in a brand new frosted tree, you’ll want to choose one with realistic and textured frosting. If you prefer a tree that’s heavily frosted, our Whistler frosted Christmas tree is one of our favourites this year. Be wary, however, that the frosting on these kinds of trees will shed, so take extra care and use a delicate hand when setting up.

Close up of christmas ornament on a frosted christmas tree

Add Colour with Berries

Adding colour to your tree can still look sophisticated and elegant, you just need to ensure it stays subtle and rounded throughout the tree. If you’re hoping to keep your tree colourful yet classic, red is a beautiful contrast against vibrant green leaves. Red and green is a traditional Christmas combo that’s well-loved for a reason.

Using artificial red berries as Christmas tree decor adds colour in a natural and understated way. Balance out the vibrancy by pairing the red berries with gold ornaments; the combination of the vivid red and the muted metallic gold is a popular Christmas tree theme that looks both elegant and festive.

Our Eastern Berry Christmas tree is already adorned with festive artificial red berries, cutting down on your decorating time.

close up of christmas ornaments on christmas tree

Use Natural Materials

If you have a real tree and you want to maintain the natural look, go for decorations made from natural and raw materials. Ornaments made from wood, felt, and wire creates a look that’s organic and rustic. Wrap presents in brown wrapping paper and twine to keep in tune with the natural theme. This choice of look has a Scandinavian feel and is beautiful in homes that favour neutral warm colours and soft furnishings over bold and opulent decor. 

close  up of wooden christmas ornament on christmas tree

Pretty it up with Pinecones

If you opt for a long-lasting artificial tree but want to add a natural element, pinecones make beautiful fuss-free decorations for Christmas trees. Maintain warmth throughout the tree and pair pinecones with gold ornaments; the combination of rustic and ornate presents a contrast that’s impactful but well balanced.

If metallics aren’t to your taste and you prefer earthy tones for an organic look, decorations made from natural materials perfectly complement pinecones. The two together will create a picturesque pastoral themed tree that looks beautiful in any home.

With natural pinecones already attached to its branches, our Scotch Pine Christmas tree is a popular choice for those who love a classic countryside look.

close up of christmas ornaments and pinecones on christmas tree

Complement your Tree with a Wreath

Choosing not to overload your tree with ornaments gives you the opportunity to spread out the festive decor to the rest of the room. By opting for a fuss-free tree you can decorate your walls without the room looking too overbearing with seasonal items.

Matching a wreath to your tree is a great way to create a well-rounded look in your living space. For example, if you’re using red baubles on your tree, complement it with a wreath that has red elements.

Pictured below is our stunning Allie wreath that’s decorated with artificial snowberries. Our Allie wreath works beautifully with Christmas trees that are decorated with white and cream ornaments.

Top of Christmas tree and wreath on wall

Find the Perfect Topper

Last but not least, complete your look with a tree topper! Go for a topper that’s relatively simplistic in its design – a classic star or an angel is a popular choice, but you can choose whatever best suits your taste.

star on top of christmas tree

We hope our guide on how to decorate a Christmas tree that’s simple yet elegant has sparked some inspiration for your own creation! Let us know in the comments what your favourite style of Christmas decor is.

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