How to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

This Sunday we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, so show that special lady in your life – whether a mum, aunt, grandma, sister or close friend – how much you love and appreciate them with a special day to remember! Gifts are always nice to give but this year, think out of the box with a small intimate event where they can be celebrated. Here are some ways you can use your garden for a fun and memorable Mother’s Day.

Colourful array of tulips

Have a BBQ

While the weather is still a little bit chilly, you can still enjoy some outdoor cooking and drinking with a Mother’s Day BBQ; nothing quite beats the flavour that the wood and smoke give the food. With an outdoor shelter such as a pop up gazebo or parasol, you can create the perfect area for them to relax in as you work the BBQ. They’ll feel extra special having their own personal chef and waiter on hand, ready to refill their drinks and cook their favourite foods.

Set Up an Outdoor Cinema

Cinemas are currently closed, so why not bring the cinema atmosphere to your garden, making it feel like a special experience. Using a white sheet, projector, and a speaker, you can create your very own outdoor cinema that only plays your favourite films.

We would recommend attaching your sheet to the inside of your pop up gazebo so that it is secure and crease free. Using 3 walls with your sheet on the wall opposite the opening of the gazebo, you’ll be able to keep the sheet shaded so that you can see the picture clearly. With some chairs, cushions, and blankets, you can make it the most comfortable and cosy cinema experience ever!

Have Some Bonding Time Outdoors

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, make sure you spend quality time with that special person. Even going for a walk or bonding in the garden will mean the world to them as they will be spending time with their loved ones, doing some of their favourite activities.  Being outdoors and in the fresh air will lift everyone’s spirits as you enjoy each other’s company, either strolling through woodlands or playing as a family in the garden.

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