How Ride-On Toys Keep Little Ones Healthy

During the past year, we’ve all become accustomed to spending more time indoors and away from society to prevent the spread of COVID. Now that the restrictions are easing and life is returning to normal, we are able to go out and do more; adjusting back to life, however, can be scary, especially for little ones. In this post we’re not only going to go through how ride-on toys can aid children’s health, but also how they can help them adjust back to a normal and social life.

Child riding a batman pedal go kart

They Promote Outdoor Play

Ride-on play equipment, such as our U-Move scooters, provide kids with a fun toy to use outside, giving them an incentive to get out more. If they are apprehensive about leaving the house, you can use their scooter as a tool to distract them from the changes and allow them to slowly get used to being sociable and active again.

They Require Physical Activity

To make most ride-on toys move, your child will have to use their body which will get them moving and being active. They are great exercise, offering your little one a fun way to burn that extra energy without realising it. By regularly using a manual toy, such as a scooter or pedal go-kart, they can build their muscles and develop their motor skills that will help them throughout their lives.

They Help Develop Coordination

Every single piece of play equipment, whether battery powered or manual, will build upon and improve your child’s coordination. As they manoeuvre around, they will have to simultaneously check their surroundings and control the toy. As they play and have fun, they will also be learning and developing skills which will serve them well further down the line.

They Promote a Healthy Imagination

A child’s imagination and creativity is like no other but it needs to be fed and stimulated to stay active. While all toys can keep their fantastic imagination alive, ride-on toys give them more depth to their imagination by providing a moving vehicle that can tie in with their other toys. If they have various play sets such as a dining set, shop, and ice cream parlour, they can travel between them in style, pretending that they are running their errands and living an adult life.

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