How Can A Bioflow Wristband Help Me?

Bioflow released their first bracelet in 1995 and since then their product range has increased along with the effectiveness of their technology. Most of their competitors use dual polarity in their products whereas Bioflow use a patented central reverse polarity for the most benefits. The central reverse polarity has 3 poles; a north in the centre surrounded by south poles for multi-directional magnetism. When blood flows under this magnetic field the cells become agitated. This effect paired with the strength of the magnet is what makes Bioflow wristbands an elite health tool.

They Are Believed to Improve Circulation

Magnetic bracelets are believed to improve the wearer’s blood circulation which is the basis of all their associated health benefits. Bioflow wristbands use high strength magnets which interact with the iron in your blood to increase and promote better circulation throughout the body. The north pole magnet in the middle attracts the blood while the south pole magnet surrounding it causes it to be pushed on to the rest of the body.

They Are Believed to Speed up Healing

Whether you have a sprain, twist or other ailment that is causing you to feel stiff and sore, a Bioflow bracelet could help by speeding up the healing process. The circulation increase allows more nutrients and cells to be readily available for healing damaged tissue. It is best to wear the magnetic bracelet near the afflicted area to reap the most benefits; if your right elbow is the issue, wearing the bracelet on your right arm would be best.

They Are Believed to Reduce Inflammation

The perceived increase in circulation that a Bioflow bracelet produces causes inflamed muscles and joints to become less red and swollen while also reducing the uncomfortable pain that coincides with the inflammation. This is due to the increase in blood flow to that section of the body, speeding up the healing process.

They Are Believed to Relieve Pain

Following on from our previous point, wearing a magnetic bracelet is thought to decrease feelings of pain. Not only do the magnets in a Bioflow bracelet promote better circulation, they also allow calcium ions to pass quickly through the body, reducing the build up of lactic acid and calcium deposits. The build up of calcium ions is what causes pain in your muscles and joints. The magnetic field produced by a Bioflow wristband is also thought to increase levels of endorphins, the feel good hormone that decreases feelings of pain.

They Are Believed to Help You Sleep Better

The overall healing affect from a Bioflow magnetic bracelet can make the user feel more relaxed than usual due to their body’s state of wellbeing. This partnered with the proposed melatonin increasing properties of the magnetic field make for a dreamy night’s sleep. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland that is responsible for telling our bodies when to sleep. An increase in this would make falling asleep easier and it would also improve the quality of the sleep you get.

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