Having an Al Fresco Valentine’s Meal

Although we can’t indulge in the usual celebrations this Valentine’s Day, we can bring the romantic dining experience to us. With some easy decorations and thoughtful planning, you can create the perfect al fresco meal for you and that special someone to enjoy under the stars and moonlight. Follow the below steps to create the perfect romantic dinner for two.

dinner date with champagne

Choose Your Dining Shelter

Wherever you choose to create your dining area in your garden, you should ensure that it is complete with a shelter to prevent any unforeseen changes in the weather bringing your dinner to an abrupt end. You can use a permanent gazebo if you already have one set up, a pop up gazebo that can be put up in minutes, or a garden parasol that you just need to open up. Once you have selected your shelter, you can then move on to the following step.

Decorate Your Dining Area

With your shelter in place, you can then decide on how you would like to decorate your dining area, ready for your special meal. With options such as fairy lights, flower petals, heart decorations, and many more, you can be as creative as you like with it, creating the perfect romantic setting for the evening ahead. We would definitely recommend adding some soft lighting, either by candles or fairy lights. It will add to the atmosphere, making the evening feel more intimate.

Couple enjoying an al fresco date

Keep It Warm

Valentine’s Day unfortunately falls in the UK winter time, but with the addition of some cushions, blankets, and an outdoor heater, you can keep warm and carry on dining. If you are using a gazebo for your shelter, we would strongly recommend anchoring the sides with ropes and using leg weights to limit the chance of a cold breeze ruining the experience. This will also help retain some of the heat inside the shelter, keeping you even warmer.

Finish Your Decor Off with Flowers

Every Valentine’s dining table needs some flowers, whether that is a single or bunch of roses, or some of your significant other’s favourite flowers. They add to the mood and would make an excellent extra gift. Make sure that your arrangement doesn’t stand too high though otherwise you won’t be able to see each other across the table.

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