Golf Is More Than Hitting A Ball Into A Hole

Golf is commonly mistaken as a leisure activity for the older generations rather than a serious and competitive sport. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as you can see by all of the younger faced professionals swinging their way through championships on golf courses all around the world. It is also a lot more demanding than people believe; it takes a lot of strength and skill training to match up with the world’s most elite players. Not everyone plays to be a professional, however, as most just enjoy the game and play it to unwind and relax. Whether you are a professional or a novice, there are lots of health benefits to gain from training and playing golf.

Golf Gets Your Blood Pumping

A full day spent at your local golf course once a week is enough to improve your circulation and breathing with all of the walking and swinging involved, especially if you go for the full 18 holes. The low-intensity, sub-aerobic nature of golf makes it the perfect sport to get a work out without even realising it.

Golf Burns Calories

As well as being an effective exercise that helps your heart and lungs, golf is also proven to be a calorie cruncher with the average person burning around 700 of them while playing a 9-hole course. This is mainly burned due to all of the walking and carrying of your golf clubs. If you’re not bothered about the calories from carrying your clubs, you could always opt for a golf trolley to take the load off your back. What’s even better for lessening the strain is an electric golf trolley, a practical and stylish piece of equipment which makes moving them around completely effortless.

Golf Can Relieve Stress

We all carry some kind of stress around with us – but that doesn’t mean that we should. Golf offers participants the opportunity to interact with like-minded people which is, in itself, is a great way to unwind. If you also add in the fact that you’re hitting a ball across a green, you’ve got the winning formula for an anti-stress escape that will make you feel like the world has lifted off of your shoulders.

Golf Has A Low Risk Of Injury

All sports carry a risk of injury but golf has one of the lowest risks of all sports. Thanks to the lack of jolting movements on the legs and back, you are not likely to cause any harm to these areas which are the more serious places on the body to gain an injury. While it is still possible to injure yourself when playing, any injuries sustained would be less serious and shouldn’t stop you playing anymore golf after a short rest. It is always a good idea to correctly warm up and practice proper form when playing golf; once you have these down to a “tee” then you’ll be ready to show the green who is boss without running the risk of pulling something.

No matter how old or young you are, everyone would benefit from a few rounds of golf; it’s fun and good for you, what more could you want! If you’re new to golf, we have got everything to get you started, from club sets to golf trolleys. If you regard yourself as an avid player, why not add a set of Ben Sayers golf clubs to your collection – they might even make your shot better.

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