Give Your Garden a Makeover for 2021

Last year we saw a rise in gardening and people finding fun and creative ways to improve their outdoor spaces. With the increase in time that we have had to spend at home, it’s no wonder that people have taken to making their gardens a haven for their fresh air fix. Over winter, gardening and use of the garden has taken a back seat; however, now that it’s the New Year, we think it’s time to give your garden a fresh, 2021 look and feel. With some planning and preparation put in place now, you can get your garden ready for the year ahead. Hopefully by summertime we can start having garden parties and social BBQs with our loved ones again.

De-Weed Your Garden

Weeds are a garden’s worst nightmare. They don’t look very nice and can hinder the growing process of any surrounding plants, causing them to die. Before you plant your new flowers in spring, you should clear any weeds from your garden during winter by using weed killers or digging them out from the root. Be careful of any weed killing products that you use, however, as some of the chemicals can linger in the soil and prevent any other flowers from growing to their full potential – or even growing at all. The best method that we would recommend would be to dig them out, especially as a lot of weed killers won’t kill the weed fully, allowing the root to re-flower again

Deweeding garden

Add Some Decorative Pieces

Now that your garden is clear of unsightly weeds, it’s time to start thinking about decorative pieces to make your garden feel like new. Anything left in your garden will age with the weather, so now may be the best time to throw out any old and rusty pieces to make way for new ones. If you enjoy displaying plants and flowers, you could choose one of our stylish plant stands to accentuate your arrangement. If you like vintage styling, we have the Azalea Plant Stand in duck egg blue or light grey which has a classic design. We also have the 4 tier plant stand for anyone who is a fan of a layered floral display.

For those of us who like the finish that flowers give to a garden but don’t have the green thumb to care for them properly, we also have artificial plants that look just like the real thing. They are made from weather resistant materials so they will look fantastic all year round.

Azalea plant stand

Garden Shelters

A lonely garden seating area feels incomplete without the accompaniment of a functional yet attractive shelter. With a parasol or permanent metal gazebo, you can create a dedicated area to sit and enjoy your garden in that can be covered against drizzle as well as sunshine. A shelter can also serve as both a functional and decorative piece, adding personality to your space. For a temporary shelter that you can use when entertaining in the garden, our pop up gazebos look great and can be erected within minutes by 1-2 people. For night time garden users, we have cantilever and crank parasols with built in LED lights, perfect for subtle lighting that shines an atmospheric glow onto your outdoor seating area.

Beige parasol with LED lights

Garden Tool Sheds & Storage

Unnecessary clutter lying around your garden can really detract from the natural beauty of your flowers and garden design. You could have a beautiful array of flowers and decoration, but if you have garden toys, tools, and unused folding furniture covering the lawn, it can make the space appear less appealing. With a plastic storage box, you can store all of the bigger, bulkier items, keeping them protected as well as out of sight. If you’re a keen gardener and have a lot of tools, you can complement your space with an aesthetically pleasing tool shed to keep them in and prevent them from rusting or becoming damaged from the weather. You’ll love how much of an impact such a simple solution will have, making your garden feel more open and enjoyable to be in.

Garden storage box

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