Get Out, Keep Active & Feel Your Best

Keeping active is the best medicine for boosting your mental health and making you feel good. Going for walks, jogs or even just doing an exercise routine in your home can break up the days and release feel good hormones into your body. Below are some easy and accessible ways to keep fit, healthy, and, most of all, positive!

Get Out in the Fresh Air

Whether you choose to go for a walk or a jog, getting outside can do wonders for your mood. The fresh air, natural light, and your invigorating surroundings can all play a part in making you feel your best. Just taking in all the signs of life and processing your thoughts on your journey can have an uplifting effect.  Walking can also help you to organise your thoughts, allowing you to deal with stresses and find clarity in everyday situations without having to force yourself to think through them.

Jogging through woods with leaves on the floor

Play Your Favourite Sports

All of the sports clubs and leisure centres have had to take a break during the lockdown to limit people coming into contact with each other – but this doesn’t mean you can’t still play your favourite sport, in an alternative way. If you’re a golfer, you can create your own putting course in your home or garden to keep your aim short. If you like playing football, you could take a ball to your local park and have a kick about with your household or bubble. Keeping your hobbies and interests alive will help you keep a good mood, especially in these tough times.

Home Workouts & Exercises

If it’s too cold and wet for you to enjoy the beauty of nature and the outdoors, you could choose to get your fill of exercise indoors in the warmth. With various home work outs to choose from – from push ups to star jumps – there is bound to be one for everyone. The release of endorphins and other feel good chemicals will make you feel good just after your workout while also increasing your fitness, energy levels and overall feeling of wellness.

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