Garden Storage Additions with Style

Storage is a must all over the home, but in the garden, it is especially important. This is because it keeps any furniture, tools and outdoor play equipment away from getting damaged by the weather when they aren’t in use. However, not all storage will be suffiencient as some may not provide adequate protection while others may just look ghastly. This will cause them to detract from the beauty of your outdoor space. Here at Garden Comforts, we have designed a selection of garden storage that is not only functional, but stylish and attractive too.

Blue Bideford Sentry Tool Shed

Bideford Garden Tool Sheds

Bring a taste of the coast right into your back garden with our selection of Bideford garden tool sheds. These gorgeous garden sheds have been designed with the beaches of North Devon in mind, featuring a beach hut aesthetic while maintaining its garden shed feel. The half shelves used inside the shed provide a great place for storing smaller items without limiting the space available. Because of this, you still have ample space for storing larger and longer items like rakes, shovels and hoes.

Plastic Garden Storage box

Plastic Garden Storage Boxes

Built to protect your belongings all year round, our plastic storage boxes will keep anything stored fully protected from rain, wind, sun and every other type of weather. The durable plastic build is finished in a stylish grey with wood texture to help it fit in to your space inconspicuously. Because of how sturdy our storage boxes are designed to be, you can use them as a seat if you are running low on space. They support up to 200kg which is the perfect amount to allow 2 people to comfortably sit on their lids without the fear of the structure collapsing.

Wooden Darcy Storage Bench With Storage Under The Seat

Wooden Darcy Storage Bench

Our wooden Darcy storage bench is designed to be a bench with a storage chest built into the base. The storage section isn’t designed for all-weather protection but is a great place for storing any imperishables so that they don’t clutter up your garden. In the summer months this storage bench is perfect for keeping cushions in so that you don’t have to keep taking them in and out of the house. If you would like to use it as a permanent storage unit then we would recommend lining the inside of the bench with a waterproof material to keep the contents dry and away from the elements. You could also use a waterproof cover over the bench to prevent ay water getting into it when it’s not in use.

Tall wooden garden storage shed with shelves

Wooden Garden Storage Sheds

With more of a classic garden shed style, our small and tall wooden sheds look the part and have the inner space to back them up as great storage solutions. The diagonally slatted front doors allow the shed to get a good amount of airflow while also serving as an effective barrier against the elements. You can rest assured that whatever you keep in here – from plant pots to garden tools – they’ll be kept protected and safe all year round. When paired, these wooden garden sheds look fantastic and provide all of the storage space you may need!

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