Football training in your own back garden with an Airwave Football Goal

Why do I need an airwave football goal?

Having kids football goals in your garden will keep your children safer by not having to go to play elsewhere. Strict rules on ball games on streets nowadays, combined with the inherent risks of road traffic have restricted where and how often children can improve their football skills. One really affordable option is to get your family an airwave football goal to enjoy whilst smaller local leagues are still shut down due to government restrictions.

Utilising your garden can mean that you will forever have your own mini training football pitch at your disposal. Our kids football goals come in various sizes with the 8×6 football goal being one of our bestsellers.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to any skill in life and the more touches a child gets with the ball; the closer they are to reaching their potential. This is backed up by studies showing that a child needs to repeat a physical skill no less than 75 times before they really begin to learn it.

Training with others

Training in your garden will be better if you are playing with someone else. For example, if you have two people then one could be a goalkeeper and the other could take shots at the keeper. Three people participating would be better still since one person could assist the striker; with the third person being assigned the goalkeeper position.

If you are fortunate to have a household of five, then you can play two versus two (with the fifth person being the goalkeeper).

Having a game is the ultimate test of your abilities but there is nothing to say that you can’t have fun and hone your football skills whilst training alone. For example, anyone can practice keepy uppies which improve a footballer’s first touch then take a strike towards goal.

Not only can an airwave football goal improve your shooting, but it can improve the footballer’s passing accuracy. A particularly popular training drill in the football world is the crossbar challenge. The game involves a player striking the ball towards goal with the aim being to hit the crossbar rather than into the net.

Speed drills and penalties

Depending on the size of your garden, you could incorporate speed drills into your child’s football training. Speed is more important for certain positions in football than others, but it is still imperative to include it in a training regime. Training at home can be as leisurely or strict as you wish and that is why having football goals in your garden is invaluable; there can be fun had for the entire family.

One particularly enjoyable game to play with the entire family is a penalty shootout. The minimum required is, clearly, two people. With additional players, there is the opportunity to divide the group into two teams with each team assigning their respective team a goalkeeper. This person has to be agile to be an effective goalkeeper and it’s a bonus if the goalie is tall!

Ultimately, with a football goal in your garden, you have ample time to improve your goalkeeping, passing and scoring abilities.

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