Football Practice During COVID-19

football net

Coronavirus has bought all of our lives to somewhat of a standstill, preventing us from doing the things we love just in case we catch it and pass it on. It doesn’t have to be this way; we just need to change and adapt to the times, making sure that we continue to do the things we love while still taking the necessary precautions to stop the spread of COVID. For all of you football lovers out there this may mean that your practice has been cancelled and you haven’t been able to play, but just because you can’t gather in a mass group to practice it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t fit in some practice where and when you can. Our Airwave Strike Football Goals are perfect for training, offering you a target for shot practice as well as a tool for just messing around with others in your household.

If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It

Even the most experienced professional football player will be rusty after an extended break away from their favourite game. Regular practice with one of our football goals will ensure that you keep up your skills as well as developing them and getting better. You’ll be the envy of your squad when it comes back round to group training if you’ve progressed and they haven’t!

child playing football

Get Those Shots On Point

An essential part of any footballer’s regime should be target practice. Even for a defender, correct placement of the ball is mandatory whether you’re passing to a team mate or shooting for a game winning goal. Our Airwave Strike Football Goal with Rebounder will benefit your accuracy the most, offering gaps in the rebounder for honing in on those targeted strikes.

airwave strike football goal with rebounder

Play Together

Let’s face it, football can be extremely boring on your own. With no one to challenge you it can become monotonous kicking a ball to a fro. Drag the rest of your household into the game and have fun with it by creating your own games. This will keep you all active as well as helping you to practice your techniques. You could have 1 person in goal while the rest of you practice your shots. If you have 2 goals, you could have a small match between you (if you have an even number of players of course).

Airwave Strike football goal

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