Easter Holiday Activities for the Kids

This Easter school holidays, keep the kids entertained with some fun activities that will nurture their imagination and creativity. Rather than holding their attention with screens and gadgets, you can get them out in the garden and enjoying the fresh spring air. Here are some great and easy to set up activities that we think your little ones – and also you – will enjoy! We can also host one other household in our gardens, giving us even more reason to spend Easter weekend and the rest of the holidays outdoors.

Easter face painting

Easter Arts and Crafts

Easter wouldn’t be the same without some colourful and cheery Easter arts and crafts. With a pop up gazebo you can create your own creation station in the garden, perfect for decorating eggs, painting faces, and letting your little one’s imagination run wild! Not only will it add to the atmosphere by singling out a dedicated space for the creative fun, it will also provide shelter and shade, allowing the fun to go on all day.

Easter Egg Hunt

This may be an obvious one but the excitement of hunting for Easter Eggs is great fun for little ones and big ones alike; after all, who wouldn’t love searching for chocolate eggs? You could also switch up the prize pool and turn it into a competitive searching game. Instead of chocolate eggs, you can replace these with other Easter themed items for everyone to find. The person that finds the most will win a prize and be crowned the Easter Egg Hunt 2021 Champion.

Easter Egg Toss

The Easter Egg toss game is great for all ages, allowing everyone to play and have fun. The objective is to throw your egg between you without dropping it – if you do, you’re out of the game! The last person left without dropping it will not only be the winner but will probably be the cleanest too, leaving everyone else quite literally with egg on their faces.

 You can use any object you like as your egg but for the most fun and laughs, we would highly recommend using raw eggs. While there may be quite a mess from all of the dropped eggs, you’ll all be too busy laughing and enjoying yourselves to care; you’ll also be in the garden so it won’t be anything that a hose down can’t fix.

Egg and Spoon Race

A classic childhood sports day staple, the egg and spoon race is also great for Easter time. The rules are straight forward for this activity; simply keep your egg on your spoon and make it to the finish line first. If you drop your egg, you’re out. You can use the decorated eggs that you made in the gazebo arts and crafts station for your race, giving you more of an incentive to not drop it.

Camp in the Garden

While this is not as much of an Easter related activity, it is still a great way to get your kids outdoors and experiencing camping without actually camping. If they are old enough, you can also use this time to have the house to yourselves while they spend it in the garden, giving you space to reconnect. You can also enjoy the experience as a family, toasting marshmallows and telling stories by a fire under the starry sky.

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