Cold Weather Cycling – Fuel Yourself

Well, the frost is starting to bite, but the hardy amongst us will keep on cycling. So, this week we are blogging about the importance of fuelling the body in preparation for cold weather exercise.

Keep an Eye on Your Calories

Studies show that cycling in cold weather burns up to twice as many calories as on warmer days. This is due to additional cycling resistance through slush, snow and driving winds. Also, wrapping up warm means you are putting more layers on and this adds to the weight you are carrying and also additional drag due to bulkier clothing.

So, if you are regularly cycling through the winter months, keep the above in mind and maybe take in some more carbs and high energy food before a ride.

Adversely, you may be doing less cycling because of the cold weather. And less exercise, may mean that you are not going to be burning the calories you would normally during the warmer months. So, keep an eye on the scales and adjust calorie intake accordingly.

The Importance of Hydration

You may believe that regular hydration while you are cycling is more important during the hot summer months? Well, a study performed by the International Olympic Committee found that winter Olympians tended to suffer more from dehydration than Summer athletes.

The reasoning behind this is that feelings of thirst are blunted by the cold. So, even though you will be sweating and losing water at the same rate, your body’s physiological systems are not kicking in and telling you that you are thirsty.

And it is not only that cold weather numbs the thirst. The body is having to work extra hard to warm the cold air that is taken into the lungs which also makes your respiratory system work harder, leading to increased likelihood of dehydration.

So, don’t leave the water bottle at home. Fill it and remember to take regular breaks in your rides to make sure you keep your hydration up.

Keep up the energy and keep up the hydration and your winter biking will be more enjoyable than ever. Pro Rider Leisure is proud to sell a range of electric bikes to help conserve energy on those winter mornings.

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