Christmas Gifts for 2020 from Garden Comforts

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It’s nearly that time of year again! Christmas is almost here and we’re all starting to feel the pressure of trying to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Luckily for you, you’ve managed to find this post with some of the best gifts money can buy for gardening enthusiasts and playful children. Keep reading below for some suggestions that we think you’ll agree with.

Gifts for the Garden

Azalea Plant Stand

Azalea Plant Stand

Anyone that loves their garden and the way it looks would appreciate the thought of a display piece for them to showcase their favourite flowers this Christmas. The delicate design of the Azalea Plant Stand allows it to fit in with any environment, whether that is rustic and natural or prim and proper. The light shade of grey allows this plant stand to stand out against its surroundings while not distracting from the beauty of the rest of the garden.

LED Parasols

Parasol with built in LED lights

This one may sound strange, but for anyone who likes to regularly use their garden, whether that’s for small social gatherings and parties or just for relaxing in the fresh air on their own, a LED parasol can actually make a very thoughtful and well received Christmas gift. The built in LED lights can add to the atmosphere of any social event while the parasol provides protection from unforeseen changes in the weather. The glow from the LED parasol would also be ideal for an outside book reading session with a blanket and a hot chocolate.

Gifts for Children


Airwave garden trampoline

This Christmas, children will be getting all kinds of indoor toys and games to play, but why not give them an active outdoor piece of play equipment that will entice them to spend less time indoors with their gadgets and more time outside in the fresh air. An Airwave trampoline will do just that by giving them a fun piece of equipment to use all year round thanks to the weather resistant materials that we use. The galvanised steel and PVC coated padding work together to fight the elements, keeping the trampoline looking fresh for many years to come.

Play Sets

Another fantastic Christmas gift for getting children outdoors and making the most of good weather (when we have it) is an Airwave Play Set. Whether you decide to go with a slide, swing set, multi play set or any other options, you can buy with confidence knowing that the little one you’re buying it for will absolutely adore it. Built with the same thought process as all of our products, they are made to last thanks to the weather resistant materials used. The frames of our slides, swings and play sets are made from powder coated steel to protect it from rust and water damage. The plastic used in our play sets is extremely hard wearing and has been blow moulded for extra sturdiness.

Football Goals

Football goal

Football is a favourite pastime for most young people. They either play for a team, for their school or just to mess around with friends. An Airwave Strike Football Goal would make them extremely happy this Christmas by providing them with a quality goal for target practice and small games. The lightweight and easy to take down design of our goals make them easy to transport to a local park or field. Why not buy a set of goals for small games of 1v1, 2v2 or more.

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