Choosing between a Gazebo or Pop Up Gazebo

Both a traditional gazebo and our simple to use pop up gazebos are popular additions to gardens and outdoor spaces. Adding one of the garden gazebos from our extensive range gives you shade from the sun, a place to relax, eat or play or entertain guests and shelter from rain and wind.

Many people also use their gazebo as a sheltered place to work from home and enjoy the natural surroundings of their garden at the same time. We look at when you should choose one of our traditional garden gazebos, and when a pop up gazebo will suit your needs better.

Black 3x6 pop up gazebo

What are pop up gazebos?

Our pop up gazebo range all have a ready assembled frame. This is designed to make it particularly quick and easy to put up just when you need it, because all you need to do is to walk out the frame, attach the canopy fabric and extend the legs. It will then only need to be anchored to the ground and you are ready to use it.

Erecting a pop up gazebo will take just a few minutes with the help of a friend or family member. If you have chosen a gazebo with side panels, these are easily attached with Velcro or zippers and can be removed when necessary.

When should I choose a pop up gazebo?

A pop up gazebo is an excellent choice if you are looking for flexibility. They are quick and easy to put up so you can keep one in reserve to quickly erect if changeable weather threatens an outdoor event, or a particularly hot day means that you need extra shade in the garden. They are also ideal for smaller spaces because you can quickly and easily put them up and take them down again when they are no longer needed.

This means that you retain the maximum possible use from a small space while still having all the advantages of shade and shelter from a gazebo when you need one.

In contrast to the flexible easy up, easy down design of a pop up, a traditional metal garden gazebo is designed as a semi permanent structure. This means that they are less suited to those who are looking for the near instant flexibility that pop up gazebos provide but they are a very good choice if you are looking to create an elegant garden structure, perhaps to site an outdoor dining area for the summer season or to use for garden yoga practice.

Whichever type of gazebo you choose, our extensive range will include a gazebo in the size, style and colour to suit your particular needs.

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