Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2021

St. Patrick’s Day takes place next Wednesday so now would be a great time to get all the preparations arranged, leaving room for total fun on the day! It is supposed to be a dry day on the 17th, so make use of your garden for your mini St. Patrick’s party, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air with your beverage. Below are some ways you can make the most of your garden for your party.

Our pop up gazebos and parasols would be ideal for any garden parties, big or small! They can be effortlessly erected and taken down in minutes, letting you get on with the important party prep. If the weather takes a slight turn with some light drizzle, your garden shelter will protect you, keeping the evening going.

Group of friends celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Have an Al Fresco Meal

If you’re a household of foodies, an al fresco meal could be the perfect way to spend your evening. You could cook up some of your favourite Irish food, set up a St Patrick’s Day themed dining area outside, and then sit and enjoy each other’s company into the evening. It is a great way to spend the occasion and will also offer you all a chance to reconnect with your household or friends (the latter via video chat of course!) in an easy and sociable setting.

Have a BBQ

A slight spin on the al fresco meal idea, why not just spend the entire evening outside with some hearty BBQ food, good drinks, and a warm roaring fire. You can use your garden shelter – parasol or pop up gazebo – to create an oasis in the garden for relaxing and having a good time. You can decorate these for the occasion, adding bunting and other display pieces to add to the atmosphere. Don’t place your BBQ too close though as the material on parasols and gazebos is easily flammable – safety first at all times.

Just Sit in the Garden

Even if you don’t spend too long outside, we’d recommend you do still have at least a few drinks in the fresh air, whether alcoholic or not! Being outdoors is scientifically proven to boost your mood and even health. The fresh air will make you feel fantastic, adding more happiness to the already joyous celebrations. The open space and natural setting will also allow for conversation to flow easily as you all reconnect by making the atmosphere feel less enclosed.

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