Celebrate Parent’s Day in Style… and in the Shade

“Parent’s Day? What’s that?!” – It sounds like a prolonged version of our childhood horror ‘parent’s evening’ where your parents would speak to your teachers and find out exactly how you’ve been doing at school. No need to worry, however, as there won’t be any bad news or bad grades involved here; it’s actually for celebrating both of your parents and showing them what they mean to you. Parent’s Day takes place on Sunday 26th of July and yes, we are still very much following the social distancing guidelines, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun. For the occasion, we have thought up some thoughtful ways that you can celebrate, even during the pandemic.

Family walking

Be At One with Nature

Although we humans have colonised and altered our landscapes along the years, there are still many natural beauties to be enjoyed, some of them on our doorsteps. Why not take your parents to a local nature reserve or on a long walk somewhere rural with a homemade picnic? Being at one with nature is good for the soul and for bonding with family; it allows your mind to rest without the usual distractions of modern life. You should make sure that you’re prepared for any situation – we all know how quickly the UK weather can change – and that’s why we always recommend a portable shelter like a shade sail or gazebo. Our easy to assemble gazebos are all made to quite literally pop up so that you can take cover from hot sunshine within minutes.

Family walking

Did Someone Say Garden Party?!

A classic staple of the British summertime, a garden party is always welcomed. You can do so much in your garden, from fun activities with the grandkids to a BBQ or even carry on until late with drinks and conversation. Even though it may seem like such a small gesture, parents will absolutely love an al fresco get together. You could decorate the garden with some lovely lights and create a sheltered seating area with a gazebo to make them feel cosy. You would be surprised how much a few seemingly insignificant additions to your garden can create a completely different atmosphere.

Family garden party

Don’t Let Them Cook

Whatever you decide to do this Parent’s Day, make sure that you don’t let Mum or Dad cook. There is nothing better than eating food that you haven’t had to prepare yourself, so why not make them a beautiful homemade dinner? A takeaway will also work but it will lack the love that you’d pour into the meal and, on a special occasion like this, love is the most important ingredient. If the weather is behaving then you should utilise the outdoors; there’s nothing like eating outside on a lovely day to make you really appreciate the food and company

Spaghetti in heart shape

We all know how much of a toll COVID-19 has taken on each other and society as a whole, so make sure you take care of your circle this Parent’s Day and give your parents the boost that they need during this difficult time. The more we care for and help each other, the better we will be able to deal with the pandemic and get through it.

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