Caring For & Storing Your Garden Equipment in Winter

Leaving your gardening equipment out in rain, frost, and snow can cause it to prematurely age, rust, and break. Metal and wooden gardening tools, when left outside can become weaker, causing them to become unsafe to use. The same goes for furniture; it can be weakened if left out in adverse weather for too long. With the proper care and correct storage, you can keep you garden and gardening equipment in tiptop condition for many years to come.

Gardening tools

Clean Your Equipment After Use

Once you’ve used your trowel, shovel or any other tools, you should give them a clean before putting them away. While it won’t directly affect the integrity of the tool, excess dirt kept on the tool can harden and make it awkward to use when you next need it. It will also get your storage area and everything in it dirty, making gardening less desirable.

If you are putting any garden furniture away, cleaning this is also advised as dirt can hold moisture which can cause mould to form during storage. It is always good practice to make sure everything is dry if you’re storing it away as stagnant water can create mould, which can cause any equipment or furniture to deteriorate.

Store Your Tools in a Dry & Protective Shed or Storage Box

Leaving any gardening equipment, tools or even furniture out during the winter can lead to damages such as rust and water damage. Keeping them stored away in an effective storage box or tool shed will keep them away from the elements and safe from the eroding effects of winter weather. As mentioned above, keeping your gardening tool or equipment storage area clean is always a good idea as this will keep your equipment ready for its next use.

Garden Storage Boc

Inspect Any Equipment & Furniture

Whenever you are putting your garden equipment away, you should give it an inspection to make sure that it’s not rusting and isn’t showing signs of damage. If any damages go unnoticed and you use the furniture, equipment or tool without knowing, it can break while you are using it, resulting in injuries.

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