Boosting Your Mental Health in Lockdown

With lockdown becoming a normal part of life at the moment and everyone having to take part in confiding inside their homes, the lack of contact with the outside world is causing a rise in people struggling with their mental health. It’s more important now than ever for us to take self care measures to ensure that we keep positive and continue to fight the virus. Starting with your home, there are ways to ensure that you keep feeling good and lift up out of low moods.

Create a Tranquil Environment in Your Home

With the combination of lockdown rules and bad weather keeping us indoors, making our homes a relaxing and enjoyable place to be is imperative. With some new home additions or even just moving around your current decor, you can turn you home into your personal haven. Poor mental health can make us feel less energetic, causing us to neglect our surroundings, which in turn lowers our mood further. Even taking the time to tidy and organise your space can have a massive effect on how you feel, giving you a sense of accomplishment and even a feeling of “decluttering” your mind.

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Make Time to Speak to Friends & Loved Ones

With modern technology, speaking to loved ones has become so easy that all you have to do is pick up the phone and call them. Human contact is important to the well-being of everyone, so taking the time to catch up with the important people in your life will keep you feeling connected and involved. Without this, loneliness can take over and make you feel low.

While we can’t have the full social lives we are used to, with apps like FaceTime, Snapchat, and Facebook, digital socialising has become the new way to keep in touch. Although it’s not quite the same as real life contact, it’s a great option to be able to see and communicate with the people close to you.

Consider Aromatherapy

There’s nothing like nice smells and fresh scents to boost your mood. Essential oil therapy, or aromatherapy, is the practice of using oils extracted from plants that are believed to have healing properties, both for the body and mind. Using an aromatherapy diffuser, you can fill any room with the healing properties of lavender, rose or any essential oil of your choice. Make sure to look into their benefits before using them however as each oil has its own associated effects.

Music Has Mood Boosting Effects

Music has the power to alter our mood, making us feel happy depending on the type of music that we are listening to. When you are feeling low, listening to a playlist of upbeat music is a guaranteed way of turning that frown upside down! Our Bluetooth speakers are great for taking your favourite songs anywhere throughout your house. If you’re having a relaxing bath then why not play some calming music while you soak. You could also take your speaker out in the garden while you get some fresh air.

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Get Ready and Go Out for a Walk

Getting ready can be an easy way to give yourself a boost when you need it most. Spending all day in your loungewear can be nice every now and then, but too much time spent in them can make us feel lethargic. Getting dressed in your favourite clothes and making yourself feel and look good on the outside can have a drastic effect on how you feel inside. You will love the positive boost you get, even if you’re just going out for a stroll.

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