Battle of the Garden Shelters

With a wide selection of garden shelters available in various shapes and sizes, you may be wondering which one to choose. While some will have clear differences, such as a parasol being perfect for outdoor seating areas, many may appear at a glance to serve the same purpose, such as a pop up gazebo and party tent. We’ll talk you through the differences to allow you to make an informed choice between the two for your next garden gathering.

Gazebo or party tent?

The Assembly Process

The main difference between a pop up gazebo and party tent is the process involved in erecting them. A party tent comes with a pole frame which will need to be connected together securely before putting on the canopy. An Airwave gazebo uses a pop up frame to keep all of the components connected, so that it just requires being walked out and ‘popped up’. Limiting any fiddling about, the frame of our pop up gazebos can easily collapse down for easy transport, rather than having to assemble and disassemble pole by pole each time you use it.

Water Resistance

The canopies and sides may appear the same, but they are actually vastly different in material and quality, but we will get onto this shortly. Despite these differences, both gazebos and party tents provide effective water resistance against light showers, making them both perfect for shielding you and your guests so that the party can continue.


Back to the materials used for the canopies, party tents are made using polyurethane coated plastic whereas our gazebos use PVC coated polyester. The difference in materials makes our pop up gazebos the more premium option that can be used again and again; this is due to the fabric being longer lasting, more flexible, and stronger. Our party tents are the budget-friendly option that are suitable for reuse but – due to the easy wearing canopy – can only be used a limited amount of times before wear and tear gets the better of it.

Variations & Sizes

Not all spaces will require the same size structure, so choosing the right one will be down to the space for which it is intended. Our party tents are available in all of the standard sizes ranging from 3x3m to 3x9m but our gazebos offer a wider array of sizes and shapes. From smaller 2x2m shelters to 3.5m hexagonal and 3x6m gazebos, there is sure to be a size perfect for anyone’s space.

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