Are 3 Wheeled Scooters Safer for Toddlers?

Toddlers can usually walk without any hassle, but when it comes to balancing on a raised footplate they can find it difficult to evenly distribute their weight. Our 3 wheeled LED scooters combat this by providing your toddler with a perfectly balanced plate to keep them stable while riding.

While the kid’s scooters provide the user with balance assistance, they simultaneously boost their balancing skill by teaching them how to correctly distribute their weight through steering. Our 3 wheel U-Move scooters come with a patented 3 tier steering system so you can adjust this as their skills grow and they adapt to the tilt technology.

Are LED Wheels a Safety Feature or Just For Show?

While they look fantastic and your children will love them, the LED wheels also act as a safety feature, making the rider visible in low light. Thanks to advancements in technology, the LED wheels used on our children’s scooters are powered by kinetic energy generated by the scooter being ridden. Thanks to the kinetic LED lights housed in the wheels, you won’t need to ever change batteries or worry about them running out of power. Visibility is an essential part of your child’s safety, especially during the autumn and winter months when daylight is limited, making the LED wheels as functional as they are fun.

Checks That Will Ensure a Safe Ride

Every journey for a child on their scooter is safe providing that it is in full working order. It is good practice to check over your child’s scooter every now and then, making sure that all of the screws are tight and secure, and that the brake is responsive. It is also recommended to check the tyres and make sure they aren’t too worn as this can limit grip, performance and safety. The grip on the footplate should also be checked for excessive wear and this can lead to slips and falls.

What Makes Our 3 Wheel Scooters So Safe?

Our scooters are manufactured to the absolute highest standard, ensuring safety for the user and a long lifespan, lasting them all through their growing and nurturing years. The 3 wheel design limits any chances of falls due to stability issues and allows kids to concentrate on their surroundings more as they’ll be confident in their ride and balance.

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