All Weather Play Equipment for All Seasons

It’s time to take that rusty old play set out of your garden before it turns from a potential hazard to a guarantee for disaster. The weather will become wetter and colder which will only make the tired condition of your swing or slide worse. Replacing it would be futile if you chose a similar quality piece – so that’s where we jump in! Our weather resistant play sets and standalone pieces defy the rain and snow and come out of the other end looking fresh and ready for play.

Powder-Coated Steel

The highly durable powder-coated steel that we use for the frames on our swings, play sets, slides and seesaw ensures that they’ll last for many years to come. Steel alone is strong but the powder coating adds to its durability so that it can withstand harsher weather and any accidental knocks. The colour won’t fade either thanks to added armour, protecting it from the sun’s bleaching qualities.

Low Maintenance

To save you time and minimise any effort in the upkeep of our play sets, we have made sure that they are as low maintenance as possible. Simply check every now and then that your set is secure – and tighten parts as necessary – as play can loosen the screws and ground pegs after a while. We only use the best materials to keep it feeling sturdy and looking new for as long as possible; your child’s safety is important to us, which is why they’re built to such a high standard.

Health & Development Advantages for your Little One

Outdoor play products aren’t just a fun addition to the garden for your child, they actually contribute to your child’s health and growth. A play set could introduce a setting in which your child can socialise with other children, thereby building their social skills and improving their self-confidence. They also offer them an incentive to get out in the fresh air and be active. They’ll have fun playing for hours on end, not knowing all the good it’s doing them!

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