6 Ultimate Gifts for Golfers they’re Guaranteed to Love

Know a golfer but never know what to buy them for their birthday or Christmas? Although golfers will always appreciate more golf balls, do you worry that yet another box can leave them feeling a little… uninspired? Well worry no more, we’ve got you sorted. Sure-fire to make the golf enthusiast in your life happy, one of our 6 ultimate gifts for golfers will have you crowned as the ultimate gift giver.

We know that it can be hard to understand what kind of gifts for golfers are actually useful if you’re not a player yourself. You can listen to them talk about birdies and bogeys and all the golfing terminology that you sort of understand but what will actually be helpful on the course?

Personalised Golf Clubs Silver Sports Bottle

This Personalised Golf Clubs Silver Sports Bottle by I Just Love It is both durable and stylish and will prove super handy on the green, especially during the hot summer months. You can personalise it with initials and a year to make it extra special for the lucky recipient.

Why: Combining functionality with style, this sports bottle is cool and classy whilst the extra personal touch is the icing on the cake.

Price: £12.99

Golf Set

Have you noticed their golf clubs looking a little tired recently? Most golfers would love a new set of golf clubs but never go ahead and treat themselves, always window shopping but never taking the plunge.

We all know that it can be hard to spend money on a treat for yourself when you have so many other financial commitments, especially for a weekend pastime. That’s why golf sets are such great gifts for golfers – they’re unexpected but massively appreciated.

Our golf package sets at Pro Rider are great quality and affordable. They’re fantastic entry level sets, making them great gifts for golfers who are starting out, haven’t been playing for long or don’t play too regularly.

We have our own great value Pro Rider golf clubs starting from £100. If your budget is a little higher, we also sell a range of Ben Sayers golf clubs starting from £279.98. Our sets come in three different colours, blue, red, and purple, making them that little bit more personal to the player.

Ben Sayers Golf Clubs and Present with text

Our Choice: Ben Sayers M15 Graphite/Steel Golf Set

Why: This set features all the essentials with 12 clubs including a driver, woods, irons, hybrids, and a putter. Each club is intelligently designed to help the user improve their accuracy, distance, and control.

Price: £279.98

Personalised Golf Glove

We love this Personalised Golf Glove sold by notonthehighstreet. Not only will it prove useful on the green, it’ll always remind them of you and they’ll be excited to show it off to their golfing buddies.

Why: It’s thoughtful, purposeful, and a great personalised gift.

Price: £23.50

Electric Golf Trolley

If you’re looking for a long-lasting gift that will not only be greatly appreciated but will also have a positive impact on your loved one’s game and, more importantly, their wellbeing, an electric golf trolley is the perfect gift. An electric golf trolley eases things up for golfers by taking the strain off muscles and joints and giving them more energy for a stronger game.

A golfer carrying their clubs around the course increases their risk of injury due to the frequent strain put on their back and shoulders. Electric golf trolleys significantly reduce this risk, meaning that not only is the product itself long lasting but the benefits are too.

Having a healthy back and shoulders is crucial to a successful game and a powerful swing, so it’s paramount that golfers take care of these important areas. If you’re interested in finding out more, take a look at our post on the other benefits of an electric golf trolley.

We have a wide variety of electric golf trolleys starting from £199.98, ranging in colours, battery type, and extra features such as a GPS/phone holder.

Pro Rider Electric Golf with Present and text

Our Choice: Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley with GPS Phone Holder – Black & Yellow

Why: This electric golf trolley really makes a statement on the green. Lightweight yet sturdy, it has loads of cool features for a great price.

Price: £219.98

A Golf Day Out

For the golfer that has everything, why not treat them to an experience instead of something they don’t need. BuyaGift have lots of different golf experiences all over the country for great prices.

Why: Making memories are priceless and last forever – what’s better than a forever present?

Price: £20-£169

Remote Control Golf Trolley

If you’re looking to really treat the golfer in your life, a remote control golf trolley is the epitome of golfing gadgets and quickly becomes a golfer’s best pal on the course. Remote control golf trolleys are totally hands free and aside from being a cool gadget, they have also great health benefits. Eliminating the need for carrying golf clubs, remote control golf trolleys reduce the risk of back pain and allow for a golfer’s full energy to be put into the game.

Although remote control golf trolleys are a pricier present, they’re long lasting and their health benefits mean that they’re ideal gifts for golfers who love to get out on the green but tire out easily. Our remote control golf trolleys start from £399.98.

Pro Rider Remote Control Golf Trolley with Present and text

Our Choice:Pro Rider Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control

Why: It’s not only cool; it also helps golfers to reserve their energy so they can give it their all on the green. The fact that it’s one of the best priced remote control golf trolleys on the market is also a bonus.

Price: £399.98

Bonus Gift: Electric Golf Trolley Winter Wheels

If the golfer in your life already has a Pro Rider electric golf trolley or if you’re planning on buying them one and are feeling super generous, our bespoke winter wheels are the perfect complimentary gift. At £89.99, these wheels reduce damage to the fairway, allowing golfers to play all year round. This is especially handy during winter when many courses enforce a ban on trolleys without these specially designed wheels.

Hopefully our 6 ultimate gifts for golfers has left you feeling inspired. After getting them one of these gifts, you can go back to giving them golf balls – the ‘pair of socks’ of the golfing world.

If you’re keen on the idea of getting a golf trolley as a present but have no idea where to start, check out our really useful guide on which golf trolley is best.

If you’re ready to treat the golfer in your life but you need some more details on our products, please give our Pro Rider sales team a call and they’ll be more than happy to go through any questions that you have.

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