5 Uses for Gazebos That Are Outside the Norm

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Gazebos are great shelters for parties and events, but they can be used for much more than just a shelter to keep guests dry or shaded. Why keep yours locked away in storage collecting dust when you can use it every weekend, or every day if you feel like it. Below are our top 5 out of the ordinary uses for your gazebo.

Play House

Play houses for children can be very expensive and don’t offer a lot of space for messing around. A gazebo on the other hand provides a large space for them to get lost in their imagination, offering them hours and hours of entertainment. You can kit it out with blankets and cushions to let them make their own den!

Children playing in

Garden Cinema

Beautiful clear nights are made for spending time in the garden with your family. You can create your own personal outdoor cinema using just your gazebo and a projector. If your gazebo has white walls then you can use this as the screen, or if not you can use a white sheet. You and your family can get snuggled and cosy while watching your favourite films, what’s not to love about that!

Garden cinema

Date Night

If you’re looking for an intimate setting for a date with your loved one, why not pop-up your gazebo and use it as a dining area with fairy lights to create a romantic setting. Complete this with a lovely home cooked dinner for a date night to remember.

Night time date with candles

Dinner Party

Following on from the date night idea above, you could also use your gazebo for a social get together with friends. Either with a BBQ, take-away or home cooked meal, you could all gather in your gazebo and share stories, memories and good food.

Dinner party outside in the evening

DIY Cover

DIY can be a bit of a pain if you have nowhere safe to store materials or even items from whichever room you’re working on to keep them out of the way. You can pop it up to keep your items covered in case of sudden weather changes, or it could be your workshop if you’re doing all the messy work outside.

Couple doing DIY

Hopefully these different uses for gazebos will help to kick start your imagination and get you using yours more. With so many different shapes and sizes of pop-up gazebo available, there are amazing uses that come with each size so choose the right one for any uses you may need it for!

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