5 Reasons to Love Electric Bikes

Cycling is a sport loved amongst many and, in recent years, it’s become a favourite way to travel for those who would have otherwise used a car for their commute to work or the shops. The reason for this, we think, is electric bikes. Yes, they have been around for many years, but it’s their recent upgraded technology that has made them become as sought after as they are! Here are 5 reasons why you should love e-bikes and think about swapping your car journeys for an electrically assisted bike ride.

You Can Venture Out Further

With an electric bike, riding becomes less of a chore and more of a joy. With the assistance of the electric motor you’ll be able to ride for longer and travel greater distances as you won’t have to tire yourself out as much. There will still be an element of hard work as the e-bike won’t move without you pedalling, but the motor will give you that extra oomph as if a gust of wind is pushing you along.

An Economical Way to Travel

When compared to other methods of commuting such as driving and public transport, riding an electric bike comes out on top as the cheapest method of travel. Of course, cycling on a regular bike is cheaper due to the difference in price compared to an e-bike, but regular cycling takes a lot of effort in comparison. If you cycle to work on a standard mountain bike you’ll arrive feeling tired and sweaty whereas, on an electric bike, you’ll arrive fresh and ready for your day.

E-Bikes are Eco-Friendly

As well as being beneficial on the pocket, electric bikes are also a great way to travel without hurting the environment. Electricity is a renewable energy source whereas cars and public transport use fossil fuels that release toxins into the air, damaging our planet. The recent developments in the way we source electricity make it all that more better for the environment; thanks to wind, solar, and other renewable sources of power, the production of electrical energy has evolved into a damage free process.

You’ll Love the Thrill

Riding an electric bike might seem like a tame version of cycling but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While you don’t have to work as hard to cycle, you still get the same rush when coasting at high speeds down hills. The motors on e-bikes are, by law, limited to 15.5mph but that doesn’t mean that the bike itself won’t exceed that speed; the motor will just stop assisting your ride if you are travelling faster than 15.5mph.

There’s an Electric Bike for Everyone

Whether you’re a commuter, leisure cyclist or a keen rider, there’s an electric bike for everyone’s tastes. With their popularity rising, manufacturers have accommodated this by making an electric version of every bike style. Thanks to assisted motors being transferred to all variations of bike frames, thrill seeking mountain bikers and road racing cyclists have an electric bike to suit their sport rather than having to settle for a generic version.

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