5 Common Electric Golf Trolley Problems & How to Fix Them

Electric golf trolleys, like many other motor powered machines, can sometimes have faults that need fixing to keep it working its best. We’ve put together a list of the most common faults that we get asked about with methods of correcting them so that you don’t have to waste time searching endlessly for a solution. If you can’t find your fault here and would like to speak to a service specialist about your trolley, please give our knowledgeable team a call on 01604 813350 or email us on service@proriderleisure.com.

This is especially important if you are still within your warranty period on your Pro Rider Leisure golf trolley and are having issues with your equipment – attempting to fix any problems yourself or via a 3rd party could invalidate your warranty.

My Golf Trolley Is Pulling to One Side

If you find your trolley is pulling to one side rather than travelling in a straight line then one of your wheel clutches is more than likely to be at fault here. A weak wheel clutch on one side will cause the afflicted wheel to rotate slower than the one with the stronger clutch. This will also damage the stronger clutch so you should replace both wheel clutches at the same time to avoid this repeating on the opposite wheel. To replace the wheel clutches, first you take off both wheels and lay them with the inside of the wheel face up. Then, with a Philips head screw driver, unscrew the screws without damaging their heads. With the screws out, use a flat head screwdriver to gently pry the clutch out from the inner hub and replace it with the new clutch, making sure it is firmly and fully enclosed in the wheel.

My Golf Trolley Speed Is All Over the Place – Stopping & Starting Randomly

Stopping, starting and changing speed by itself can all be indications to a fault in your trolley’s speed controller box which is causing it to output various amounts of power intermittently. While this could also be a sign of a bad battery lead, this is very unlikely to cause changes in speed and would instead just start and stop, but it may be good to check the connections and make sure they’re clean and not damaged. Both parts should disconnect and connect relatively easily without too much fiddling around.

My Wheels & Axle Are Not Turning When They Are On the Ground, but They Do When Lifted

Usually this kind of fault would point to the wheel clutches again, but as the axle is not turning either this could indicate a gearbox or axle issue. If, when on the ground, the metal sleeve coming from the gearbox is turning but the axle isn’t, you would probably need to replace the roll pins or the ring, bearing and grub screw. If none of the components are turning then this would mean that the motor will need replacing as the fault would be originating inside the gearbox.

My Control Panel Isn’t Responding

The buttons on your control panel will wear over time due to normal usage. If you find that you have to press the buttons with more force but they do still respond, it may just be the overlay that needs replacing. If it isn’t responding at all, it will be the internal top board causing the issue. You can disconnect the current one by opening the handle to get inside. Once you have put the new one in, reassemble the handle and you will be good to go.

My Trolley is Travelling Slower than Normal & Doesn’t Last a Full Round

Less power and shorter battery life can be signs of an aged battery. Over time the battery’s capacity will drop which will cause it to lose power faster and travel slower. A new battery will sort this out and you’ll find it working as good as new once it has been replaced. If a new battery doesn’t correct this then it may be a fault in the motor which could be outputting low power and excessively be draining the battery.

For any other parts such as spare wheels, bag straps and handles, visit our golf trolley spares section where we have every part you can think of. Keeping your golf trolley in tip-top condition will in turn help to keep your game on form. It does all the heavy lifting for you so you can keep your strength and energy for making those long range drives and accurate chips over hazards and onto the green.

If are having issues with your Pro Rider Leisure electric golf trolley and are within your warranty period, please contact our specialist Service Department for assistance. You can reach them on 01604 813350 or at service@proriderleisure.com

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