Why is Cycling Such Great Exercise?

There are plenty of ways that you can exercise such as running or going to the gym, but we think that the best choice has to be cycling, all thanks to its many pros and very little cons. Aside from body building, we believe that cycling is the most effective and accessible method available for overall health and fitness. Keep on reading to find out why!

Bike with sunset in background

Cycling is Low Impact

Most forms of exercise come with their fair share of wear on the body; running, for example, can lead to creaky knees, whilst weight lifting can take its toll on your joints. While there is still a chance that you can get hurt just like any other work out, cycling is one of the few exercises that causes very little damage to the body as it uses a steady motion for the exercise rather any unnecessary hard hitting movements. The smooth action of cycling causes no stress on your joints and bones, using only your muscles to pedal.

Cycling Increases Endurance & Stamina

Cycling regularly is proven to increase your overall fitness, providing that you add intensity to the session. Leisurely bike rides are still good for you but adding some intensity – whether that’s by time-challenging yourself, taking a hilly route or setting yourself a long distance goal – can improve your endurance and stamina, making you feel healthier. You’ll also find cycling easier as you improve, making you more likely to choose your bike instead of your car for short journeys.

Cycling Can Be Fitted into Everyday Life

Many people use the excuse of “I just don’t have the time to exercise” but with cycling, you can easily fit it into your lifestyle. Not only can cycling be used for leisurely rides and exercise, you can also cycle as a mode of transport. Change up your commute to work and add your bike into the mix on those clear days; it’ll not only be good for your body and mind, but for your pocket too.

Cycling Promotes Muscle Gain & Weight Loss

As with any form of exercise, the vigorous nature of cycling encourages your body to work harder and so promotes muscle gain and weight loss. If you ride for an hour travelling at 10mph you’ll burn around 260 calories, making it a very effective form of fitness. As you pedal harder, further, and faster, you’ll use more of and so increase your muscle mass while also supercharging your metabolism, thereby burning more calories.

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