Getting Ready for the Golfing Season

The cold weather and frosty mornings have probably forced you away from your local golf club but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilise the colder months to get ready for the new season start. While some days offer playable conditions, most will be too wet and windy for an enjoyable round. When the conditions are too harsh, a driving range or some indoor practice equipment could be just what you need to fine tune your skills.

Frosty Golf Course

Reflect on Your Game This Year

The first step to getting yourself ready for the new season is to think about how you played this year. Reflecting on how you’ve played golf over the last year will help you define your weaknesses and strengths so that you can improve on them and come into the new season with a fresh way of playing. You could start by listing down shots and clubs that you think you need improve on and then practice with these; either at a driving range or at home with a practice net if you can.

Practicing Shots

Golf courses may be hard to play on in the winter, so why not visit the driving range instead? You can take your list of improvements with you and start working on them. Most golfers don’t actually know how far they can hit the ball with each golf club, so start here; you will get a better feel for each club as you go through them. You can then adjust your technique and perfect your shots, ready to show your peers when you revisit the course.

Checking Your Equipment

Checking over all of your golfing equipment is a good way to start the new season off right. Your clubs will have some wear and tear from the past year so make sure they’re not logged with turf and mud as this can cause the club to become unbalanced. You should also check their grips to make sure they aren’t dirty or overly worn. If they’re too worn and you need a new set, we have the fantastic Ben Sayer M15 club and package sets; they are reliable and balanced for a good all round game.

Get Your Golf Trolley Serviced

If you use a golf trolley then winter will be the best time to get it serviced. Because you won’t be using it a lot over winter, you can leave it with one of our experts to check over and repair as necessary. From lead acid batteries to clutches, we check over your entire electric golf trolley to make sure it’s ready for the next season. You can read more about our golf trolley servicing here.

Take Some Lessons

One perk of the lower footfall on the green is that instructors will be readily available for lessons. Golf instructors know what they are talking about and they can help you advance your game by assessing you and instructing you on exercises and techniques. Because they have an outside view on the way you swing and hit the ball, they can accurately pinpoint any issues and help you improve.

Plan the Next Year of Golf

Planning out any tournaments you want to play or achievements you want to see is important when it comes to starting the golf season off right. It’s essential to know what you want to do and accomplish so that you have a goal in mind. You should make sure that your goals aren’t unrealistic or too difficult, however, as failing to meet these can be disheartening. Just pick some realistic and achievable targets to hit and you’ll come out at the end of next year feeling and playing better

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