Get the Garden Ready for Spring

With spring just around the corner – and garden gatherings are allowed from 29th March – now is the ideal time to start planning your new 2021 garden, ready for decorating and planting when the seasons change. With some tidying, organising, and forward thinking, you could have your dream summer 2021 garden by the end of spring, ready for the family to enjoy and make the most of the good weather.

Wheelbarrow with plants and weeds in

Clear Fallen Leaves & Branches

With the bad weather we’ve had over the past few months, you will probably find your garden full of branches, leaves, and whatever else the wind has carried in. Clearing away this natural debris will give you a clean slate with which to work, making your organising and decorating process easier. You can also use the fallen leaves for mulch when you plant your new flowers, putting them in good stead to grow as big and beautiful as they can. Make sure you don’t add any weeds, leaves contaminated with weed killer or anything with a plant disease as these can make the soil bad for planting and kill your floral array.

Check Over Outdoor Play Equipment

If you have children, you probably have some outdoor play equipment in your garden that has been left unused throughout the colder months. Due to the wet and cold weather, your trampoline, football goal, swing or other outdoor toy may have developed rust and may no longer be safe for a child to use. We have a range of quality outdoor play equipment if you need to replace any of your current set up; they are all made from weather resistant materials to last for years to come.

Add Storage for a Clutter Free Garden

No matter what you do to your garden now, if you haven’t got a storage box or tool shed, it will end up cluttered in no time and you’ll be left with a messy space that is less enjoyable to use! This is especially true if you are going to be working on your garden; outdoor storage provides a place to keep your gardening equipment without bringing it into the house and dragging in dirt. You can also use a storage box to store larger items such as garden furniture and play equipment, freeing up space for BBQs and events.

Select Your Flowers & Plants

A new year brings new floral pattern and design trends, so this year make your garden feel extra special with an array of your favourite flowers. Whether you have seen a layout that you like or you want to come up with your own, you should get this planned out now so that by the time summer rolls around, you can have a stunning display for not only to you to enjoy, but the wildlife too!

Add a Garden Shelter

You’ll be able to enjoy your garden more with a garden shelter such as a pop up gazebo or parasol. On those hot and sunny days, they will offer a cool oasis of shade for you to relax in as well as a cover on days of light drizzle, keeping you dry and protected. You will also be able to use these for events in the garden when we can have people around again, creating a covered social space for your guests.

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