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Small Domestic Appliances & Gadgets

Small domestic appliances are a must-have for any home to run efficiently and smoothly. Your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without the right gadgets to help you shake, make and bake! These nifty gadgets aren’t only made to make life easier, they are also there to open you up to whole new possibilities within the food and drink world. Hopefully just viewing our collection of kitchen gadgets will open your eyes as much as using them would.


Calling all coffee lovers! Our coffee machines are to die for. You’ll have never experienced a coffee in the same way before; the only way to describe it would be a feeling of euphoria as the first sip of barista quality coffee touches your tongue, followed by a transition to a joyous caffeinated version of yourself skipping through a meadow. This could be you everyday if you choose one of our exquisite machines. If you’re a lover of the espresso or even experimenting with different styles of coffee, then you need to try our Combi Espresso Machine; you’ll wonder how you coped before you got it. For the traditional coffee connoisseur we also have a filter coffee machine, still offering an amazing cuppa but without all of the bells and whistles. Can’t make up your mind? Or have tea drinkers in the house and wondering what they’re going to use? Opt for our 2.5L or 4L instant hot water dispensers. They’re like a kettle, just much better and faster to heat up.


We haven’t forgotten about you, food fanatics! Complete your kitchen with various additions to your baking and cooking routine to enhance your passion and enjoyment for all things tasty. Our Panini press and grill would be ideal for those who lean more towards the savoury end of the spectrum, although they can also be used for little sweet treats like pancakes. With powerful stand mixers for those who love baking, you’ll be more inclined to satisfy your sweet tooth thanks to how easy baking will be. Choose between our 4.5L, 5.5L or 6.2L mixers with splash guards depending on your baking needs, but our advice would be that bigger is better, you can make more cakes and puds with a bigger mixer!