Radiator Covers & Cabinets

Radiator Covers

These days, radiator covers are very much becoming a key element in the look of a space, often incorporated into the interior design process of a property due to their decorative nature. TV makeover shows and other design projects are using these covers more and more as a focal point of a room thanks to the huge variety on offer, from clean lines to elaborate patterns and different size and colour variations. If you want to give your room a decorative facelift without spending lots of money, a radiator cover is the perfect option for you.

Do radiator covers block heat?

Properly designed radiator covers can help to disperse heat into a room instead of letting it rise straight to the ceiling. Any heat the cover absorbs is simply re-released. If they did impede any heat, this would only mean your boiler is working less hard to replace it, so just turn up the thermostat.

How to fit a radiator cover

Most radiator covers are freestanding but for extra safety are hung over brackets. These are attached to the wall slightly higher than the radiator and have an upward facing groove. A strip of beading or a corresponding flange on the underside of your cover then lowers simply into position.

Radiator covers are also a great option if you're looking to baby proof or pet proof a room, allowing you to block access to a hot radiator surface.