Panel Grill French Grey Painted Radiator Cover - Extra Large

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Key Features:

    • Constructed from durable MDF
    • Painted in a beautiful French grey
    • Modern panel style grill
    • Invisibly wall mounted – fittings included
    • Great quality at an affordable price
    • Internal dimensions - L166 x H80.2 x W16.7cm (please allow for a 3-4cm gap around your radiator when measuring up)
    • Available in three different sizes
    • Assembly required


Homeware Magic

You don’t have to be a wizard to make that old fashioned or worn out radiator disappear. Instead of spending a small fortune and dealing with the hassle of replacing your radiator, hide it instead with this gorgeous grey painted radiator cover. Its premium quality makes it excellent value for money whilst its contemporary style makes it look fantastic in every home. We love the fact that you can use the cabinet as a way of displaying ornaments, pictures, and more without losing precious space in the room. From its classy chamfered edges to its trendy panel grill, this painted radiator cover is a real head turner. We’ve painted it in a beautiful French grey, a classic hue that brings a light and airy feeling to the home.


Speedy Assembly

Dread putting together complicated furniture? No need to worry, we’ve got you covered! Easy to build thanks to simple instructions and just a few components, you’ll have this superb grey radiator cover assembled in no time at all. The cabinet arrives flat packed for convenience and has all of the fittings needed to fit the unit flush to the wall, resulting in a sturdy and polished final look. We’re confident that you’ll be more than impressed with the solid and durable end result.


Looking After Your Little Ones

Just as you can’t put a price on happiness, you also can’t put a price on safety. As the family members who are the most vulnerable to hazards in the home, you should do as much as possible to ensure that your little ones aren’t at risk of accidental burning. Radiator covers can be used to create a barrier over the radiator, keeping their hot surfaces out of reach of little hands. 

More Information
Vat Exempt No

Package dimensions – 176.5 x 40 x 8cm

Package gross weight – 17.9g

Extra large internal dimensions - W161 x H80.2 x D16.7cm

Extra large external dimensions - W172 x H81.5 x D19cm

MDF frame thickness - 12mm

MDF board thickness - 3mm


Please note that there is a manufacturer’s tolerance of plus/minus 5mm on all dimensions

How do you measure for a radiator cover?

Start by measuring the width, length, and height of your radiator and then allow for a 3-4cm gap all around.

Next, check the internal dimensions of your chosen model, ensuring that you have accommodated the gap so that the cover doesn’t fit tightly over your radiator.

Finally, check that the external dimensions of the radiator cover will fit in your space, i.e. won’t be so large that they are obstructed by a windowsill or wall.


Does the cover come assembled?

Your radiator cover is self-assembly and will arrive flat packed; however, putting it together is a simple and straightforward process with instructions included.


I can’t find my instruction manual, what do I do?

Simply get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be happy to email you a copy of the instructions for your model. You can use our online chat or call us on 01604 537900, the team are available from Mon to Fri 9am-5pm.


Do you make made to measure radiator covers?

We only offer readymade “standard” radiator covers, however, these often work with most radiators and so many of our customers find that they don’t need a bespoke option. Check the specs tab to see the internal and external dimensions of your chosen radiator cover.


Do you make tall radiator covers?

We currently have two models of radiator covers with extra height (a small and large version) which have additional height dimensions to accommodate taller appliances.


I’ve bought an unfinished radiator cover, what paint should I use?

We always recommend starting with a water-based primer or undercoat to give you a smooth and even foundation for your main colour. As the covers are made from sturdy MDF it is best to choose a wood paint, however, you can use other types of paint provided that you have used a primer coat first.


How do I attach my radiator cover to the wall?

Your radiator cover comes with an L shaped bracket – simply attach this to the wall using the provided screws and then fix the radiator cover to the bracket.


Why should I use a radiator cover?

There are several reasons as to why radiator covers are great investments. Firstly, they’re an easy and cost-effective way of disguising an old-fashioned or unattractive radiator, giving your space an instant facelift.

Additionally, positioning a cabinet around your radiator is a great safety measure for your home as it stops young children and pets from being able to touch its hot surface.


Can you put a radiator cover in the bathroom?

Bathrooms are naturally humid spaces with lots of moisture created by baths and showers. As radiator covers are made from MDF and either painted or foil wrapped, we do not recommend using them in the bathroom due to the risk of moisture damage.


Can a radiator cover be used on an electric heater or storage heater?

Our radiator covers are designed for use with the type of radiators connected to your central heating system (often called hot water containers/baseboard style radiators).


Will using a radiator cover cause my radiator to overheat?

There’s no need to worry about a radiator cover causing your appliance to overheat. Our covers are designed to allow hot air to continue circulating around the room as opposed to getting trapped inside the cabinet.


Are radiator covers safe?

Absolutely! Our radiator covers are made from durable MDF – a material which doesn’t conduct heat – and can be fixed to your wall for enhanced rigidity and sturdiness, meaning that they cannot be accidentally pulled over.