Jack Stonehouse Oil Free Low Fat Air Fryer

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Jack Stonehouse Airfryer allows you to cook great tasting chips with virtually no oil. Not just limited to chips - Any traditionally fried food can be cooked in this Air Fryer without oil, giving you great tasting food, faster, simply and more healthy. The cooking basket comes with a food separator, allowing you to cook two different items at the same time. Fast circulating hot air with a grill ensures food is cooked fast and efficiently, saving energy. Easy to use heat controls and timer function. Healthier food with almost no oil. Basket Separator. Simple Low Fat cooking. Easy to use controls. Adjustable Temperature Control. Easy Cleaning. Gives out less odour than traditional fryers. We have found throughout our testing process that for fresh chips, half a teaspoon of oil added can give extra flavour. Frozen chips are normally pre-cooked in oil.

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