Himalayan Salt Lamp, Pink

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Himalayan Salt Lamp
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Create a beautifully tranquil atmosphere in your home with this gorgeous Himalayan salt lamp. Hand carved from genuine natural salt crystals from the Himalayan region, this captivating table lamp has a delicate pink hue that transforms into a soft orange when switched on. Use the dimmer to transition from a gentle glow to brighter illumination at the simple turn of a dial. The salt rock is impressively robust and positioned on a wood effect base for a modern and elegant overall look.

From its striking architectural form to its delightfully relaxing illumination and potential health-promoting qualities, there’s so many reasons why our Himalayan salt lamps make the perfect addition to your home. Salt lamps are anti-microbial and can help to purify the air as well as turn positive into negative ions; this may help to relieve common skin issues and breathing problems as well as boost your mood for overall improved health and well-being.


Key Features

    • Himalayan salt lamp with a soft pink hue
    • Made using natural salt crystals from the Himalayan salt region
    • Warm light built within the rock casts gentle illumination
    • Calming, natural light creates a relaxing atmosphere
    • Dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness
    • Each rock piece is hand carved, creating a totally unique look for each lamp
    • Supported by a modern, wood effect base
    • Negative ions released by the lamp can help to fight fatigue and improve mood
    • Lamp can also help to purify the air and remove toxins/allergens for easier breathing
    • Includes a certificate of authenticity
    • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for peace of mind
More Information
Vat Exempt No

If you require a new bulb for this item, please purchase a screw cap, E14, 15W bulb. Not sold separately on Jack Stonehouse.

Material – Natural salt rock, wood effect

Bulb - Screw cap, E14, 15W

Product dimensions/weight:

-          Small: H19 x W11 x D11cm, 2-3kg

-          Medium: H22 x W13 x D13cm, 3-5kg

-          Large: H28 x W17 x D17cm, 7-10kg

Assembly – No assembly required

Packaging dimensions:

-          Small: H23 x W14 x D14cm

-          Medium: H27 x W16.5 x D16.5cm

-          Large: H36 x W21 x D21cm

Care instructions – A small amount of leaking is normal as the lamp absorbs moisture from the air. Avoid using the lamp in rooms with high humidity.