Take the essentials to university: Kettle, toaster, Hollywood mirror

Our homes are our sanctuaries so leaving home for the first time to go to university can seem daunting at first. But with some careful planning and some things that remind you of home, you’ll be able to develop your own sense of space and home, and ultimately build your new sanctuary.

Hollywood glamour

Once you’ve unpacked you’ll want to show off your space to people back home. While your space might not be as big as a Hollywood movie star’s, there’s no reason not to adopt some of the style. Going to university this year is different to what students have experienced in the past, not least because the social elements are curtailed thanks to the pandemic. That’s the perfect reason to make your space look glamorous, even if you only style the corner that’s visible on video calls! Hollywood mirrors get your lighting sorted for the perfect shadows.

Home-baked goodies

While you won’t take a term’s worth of home-baked goodies with you, taking the ingredients and a food mixer to make more will be an ideal way to feel like home. The smell of baking or your favourite recipe cooking is sure to have you feeling like home. Sharing food is also a wonderful way to make new friends and build connections.

Photos of friends and family

You’ll have hundreds of them on your phone but printing out a few of your favourites and putting them in frames makes a place feel more like home. Having familiar faces around will help you feel more relaxed, and if you can’t take your special people with you physically, you can take pictures.

Treat yourself

This is the start of a new chapter in your life so buy some new things to go with you. New fresh bed linen and towels is a great place to start, as well as cushions or blankets to make your new space feel more homely and comfortable

Your quirky favourites

We all have that one special thing that’s important to us that maybe others don’t understand. Take it! Look after it. It will help you. It might be the teddy bear you’ve slept with since you were a baby, a favourite T-shirt, a special mug – whatever it is, take it and ignore anything anyone says. Chances are, they have a special thing in their room too.

New place, new people

One of the wonderful things about moving to university is all the new people you’ll meet. Take time from the beginning to get to know people, especially people in your flat or halls. Make an effort. You’ll make a connection with some more than others but having some good people around you will help support you when you’re feeling down and missing home. And you’ll be able to return the favour.

Of course, you need your kettle and toaster too!

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