Ceiling Lights


How Important is Lighting in your Home?

Lighting is a huge contributing factor to the atmosphere and style of your home – yet it is often overlooked. Done correctly, the placement and usage of lights in any room can drastically enhance it’s look and feel, making it cosy and relaxing for a living room or bright and energetic for a study. From spot lighting to a whole new re-design, there are plenty of ways you can completely change the vibe in any room with ceiling, wall, desk, and floor lights. – – Colours & Tones Lights have a significant effect on the way... Read More


Vintage wall lights and other lighting options for your home office

Homeworking is a trend that has been building momentum for some time. But nobody could have predicted the way in which it has been forced on such a high quantity of the working population during the COVID-19 pandemic. While some have relished the opportunity to ditch the commute and work from home, others are understandably missing the social elements of office life. And of course, there are the logistical issues of creating a productive environment within the home for them to be able to work successfully without blurring the boundaries... Read More