Our Favourite Bakes for Mother’s Day

Everyone loves baked treats (whether they are a sweet or savoury fiend), so this Mother’s Day bake your mum, aunt, grandma, sister or close friend some of their favourites to show them how special they are. If they have a selection of delicious cakes and bakes, you can make them a personal homemade afternoon tea that they can enjoy this Sunday. If you are making a selection, you should use a stand mixer to take the hard labour out of your baking session, leaving only room for love to go into the finished products. Below are some of our favourite treats that we can guarantee will tantalise their taste buds!

Afternoon tea

Lemon & Lavender Fondant Fancies

Fresh, light, and fluffy, these fondant fancies are sure to steal the show of your Mother’s Day afternoon tea. They are the perfect bite sized treat to accompany a lovely cup of tea or coffee, and won’t leave you feeling over indulged. While they look challenging, they are very easy to make and you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried them before.

For the full recipe, follow here – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/lemon-lavender-fondant-fancies

Afternoon Tea Sandwiches

A classic staple of any afternoon tea, the humble sandwich can be customised with any toppings and breads that you like. We loved the selection of sandwiches in this recipe, and we think the special lady that you’re celebrating will too! They are very straightforward to make as you only have to assemble them, but they do look and taste absolutely amazing and we are sure they won’t disappoint.

For the full recipe, follow here – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/afternoon-tea-sandwiches

Banoffee Traybake

We are sure this won’t be the last time you try this recipe with its rich and delicious flavours. The intense sweetness is broken up by the banana, giving it a lighter appeal rather than being too heavy on the stomach. While a traditional banoffee pie is still a great dessert, these smaller and easier to eat alternatives are not only great for an afternoon tea but you can add them to pack lunches to enjoy on the go.

For the full recipe, follow here – https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/banoffee-traybake

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