How to Style Your Floating Shelves

No matter how much storage we have, we always want more. It’s a conundrum we all face, searching for places and ways of storing our belongings without having to box them up and store them away where no one, not even you, will see them. Floating wall shelves could be just what you need to display your collectibles and save them from being locked away. Floating shelves also look fantastic in any setting, adding a sophisticated and well-styled finish to any room.

Cube Shelves

Finding the Perfect Place for Your Shelves

When picking the ideal place for your floating shelves you really need to think out of the box if you want your display to have a “wow” factor. Sure they will look good in the usual places, but it’s generic and won’t appear as interesting as somewhere unexpected. If you have limited space why not put the shelves above your sofa, placed off-centre from each other; it will create an abstract and intriguing display piece rather than your standard shelving style.

Opt for Shaped Shelves Rather Than Flat Ones

Flat shelves can look interesting if the display pieces on them are eye catching, or they’re finished in a funky colour or pattern, but other than that they’re quite simple and dull. A cube floating wall shelf would pop out compared to a blank plank; it will also offer two layers of storage, one inside the cube and the other on top. A U shaped set of wall shelves will also bring attractiveness and functionality to your walls with their geometrical design style; fully equipped with stoppers at each side to prop up books and prevent items from falling off the sides.

U-shaped shelves

Read the Room

Whichever room you decide to add shelving to, make sure you read the room and style your floating wall shelves accordingly. If you have a lot of white gloss furniture, match your current range with a set of 3 Aya Cube Floating Wall Shelves to create a clean finish. For darker themes you could choose the Hava Wall Shelves in black; their sharp edges complete the dark aesthetic.

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