How to Make a House a Home

Modern living had us all rushed off of our feet and always on the go until the pandemic struck; now many of us are confined to our homes with very little else to do. This has been both a blessing and inconvenience as we are stopped from socialising in the same way as we normally would. What could be considered a blessing, however, is that we have now gained the time to be able to nurture our houses, making them feel more like the home that we love to spend time in. For anyone looking for inspiration and ideas on how they can make their house a home, you’ve come to the right place! Below are some of the ways you can transform your living space into your ideal rest and relaxation haven.

Cosy living room

Fill it with Your Personality

The biggest compliment anyone could receive about their house is: “this is so you”! Surrounding your home with trinkets, ornaments, and display pieces that reflect who you are can make you feel at ease; this will also have a knock on effect to your guests, making them feel at home in your house. You could choose to display your favourite photos on some floating shelves, a bookcase filled with classic novels that you like to read or even some simple wall hung paintings that bring you a feeling of calm.

Only Display What You Want to be Seen

To maximise the comfort you feel in your space, you should only display what you want yourself and visitors to see. Sometimes mess and clutter can’t be helped, but a tidy every so often couldn’t hurt and might actually do you some good by allowing you to properly feel relaxed. If your kitchen side is covered in appliances, you may find using the room less enjoyable than you would if you had a storage space to keep those appliances out of the way. The same applies for the rest of your home. If it’s not something you want to display, then don’t. Find a place to keep it hidden and out of the way so that it doesn’t detract from the impression you want your home to give.

well lit living room

Make it Look Lived in

While a pristine home does look fantastic, it can also look overly perfect and pared back, as if no one can or does live there. Making a home looked lived in can be as simple as hanging pictures that your little one has drawn or having some of your favourite flowers on display. Your choice of furniture is also paramount for this as it creates the basis of the atmosphere; comfortable and attractive furniture is a great place to start as it will entice and invite you to take a load off.

Make it Yours

Adding new additions and making changes to your home can have a big impact on how you feel within it. From moving a room around to adding an extension, the possibilities are endless with how you can perfect your home. You could start with some small changes – whether that is adding a chair to a room, a radiator cover to your hallway or a new TV unit to your living room – and see where it takes you. You may find that some simple alterations are exactly what you needed to feel more at home which will benefit your pocket, saving you from skipping all the way to the big changes.

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