How Important is Lighting in your Home?

Lighting is a huge contributing factor to the atmosphere and style of your home – yet it is often overlooked. Done correctly, the placement and usage of lights in any room can drastically enhance it’s look and feel, making it cosy and relaxing for a living room or bright and energetic for a study. From spot lighting to a whole new re-design, there are plenty of ways you can completely change the vibe in any room with ceiling, wall, desk, and floor lights.

Grey Floor Lamp

Colours & Tones

Lights have a significant effect on the way a room feels; they bounce off of the different surfaces, textures, and colours within a room. Lighter decor and lights will make a room feel more spacious whereas darker tones will emit a cosy and relaxed ambience.

Most rooms only come with a central light on the ceiling, which offers very little in creativity and aesthetic appeal. This could be exchanged for modern pendant lighting, which when paired with a warm coloured bulb will truly bring the cosiness of autumn into your home.

Lights over dining table

Concentrated Lighting

Lamps and sconce lights are a favourite when it comes to concentrating light on a specific area of the room. Their design allows them to be angled to your desired focal point, whether that is to create a little reading nook or highlight a larger area. The light given off by these styles of lighting also tends to be less intense, making them perfect for creating a cosy environment.

Lamps can be easily moved around which makes them perfect for individuals who like to frequently change around a room, plus theycan also be easily swapped between rooms if you’re redecorating. Sconce wall lights are a permanent alternative to a lamp, making them perfect for positioning on the wall at either side of your bed or around the edges of your living room.

Desk lamp


Whether dim and warm or bright and energetic, you always have to consider the functionality of the lights you choose. Your main light should always be bright enough so that you can clearly see what you’re doing, especially if you are in a space designated for work or study. Dimmer lighting – if you haven’t got a dimmer light switch – should be saved for lamps and sconce lights that have been intentially chosen for atmospheric purposes.

It is important for any room to have the ability to be brightly lit so that it can be used for a wide range of activies, from movie nights to studying or playing with the little ones.

Wall lights next to bed

When thinking about adding lights to your rooms or even redesigning the set up currently installed, it is important to plan adequately. Every room should have different light setting options to suit whatever mood you’re in. You’ll really notice how much of a positive impact it can have and wonder why you didn’t take it into account sooner!

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