Get Ready for Pizza Day 2021

Pizza is a food enjoyed all over the world that comes with a vast range of different toppings. You can make it with flatbread and tortillas for a healthy option or opt for homemade dough for the full pizza experience! Make your own pizza at home this Pizza Day; it can be a fun experience for the whole household. Kneading dough by hand can be quite tiring or may be a struggle if you have weaker wrists, so we took to our stand mixer to do the hard work for us. It allowed us to sit back and relax, saving our arms for more important tasks like assembling it with delicious toppings.

Cheese pizza

Choose Your Base

The first step to designing your own pizza is to choose a base. If you want a lighter option, as mentioned above, you can use normal or wholemeal flatbread/tortillas, but for this recipe we chose to use a traditional pizza dough recipe. You can also make your own homemade gluten free dough; we’ve put links to both of these pizza dough recipes below.

Using a stand mixer is highly recommended for making your dough as it can be quite difficult to mix and knead. It may also delay your enjoyment of your pizza as it can take longer if you choose to do it by hand.

Traditional Pizza Dough:

Gluten Free Pizza Dough:

Pizza dough with ingredients next to it

Pick Your Sauce

Many people associate pizza with having to have a tomato sauce base, but you can actually use any kind of sauce that you like. If you like a sweeter pizza, you could go for a BBQ style sauce for your pizza base, or why not add a few herbs to your tomato sauce for an extra flavour boost. We settled on a store bought sauce to keep things quick and simple with our pizza and it worked perfectly.

Sauce put on pizza base

Get Your Toppings Ready

This where you have the freedom and creativity to choose any toppings that you would like to go on your pizza. You can choose peppers or mushrooms, pepperoni or chicken, the possibilities are endless! Using cheese is a necessity for a richer and more complex taste experience, whether you use normal or vegan cheese; we would recommend using a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar to give it the stringy texture and cheesy flavour.

Pizza with cheese on

Assembling Your Pizza Day Masterpiece

Putting your pizza together is where the fun lies in Pizza Day. You can design your pizza however you want, creating a face or making a pattern using the toppings that you have chosen. Why not have a competition in your household, seeing who can make the best pizza and sharing your creations. It would be a great way to lift everyone’s spirits as they spend time bonding together, especially with the knock on effects of lockdown.

Assembled pizza

Enjoy the End Result

Now that you’ve made it and baked it to perfection, you can sit back and enjoy your fresh homemade pizza. With the help of your stand mixer, you’ll find it an absolute dream to make and you may even swap out the takeaway pizza for fresh homemade pizza more often!

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