Get Ready for Life After Lockdown

The recent hopeful news of things starting to slowly go back to normal has got us thinking: we’ve been in this for so long, how do we get ready for life after lockdown? As the restrictions ease, we’ll be able to adjust back to normality, but to make the process easier we have thought of some ways that you can prepare for the changes.

Welcoming guests into home

Getting Ready to Get Ready

Being confined to your home may have caused you to forget how to get ready to go out. With the summer months approaching and the restrictions lifting, we should be able to go out and do more, so re-refining your getting ready and beauty routine will be essential to your return to normal life. Starting to practice now will allow you to perfect you techniques and feel good doing it; getting ready and dressed up, even if for no reason, is a great way to boost your mood!

If you’re dusting off your vanity desk so that you can use it for a post lockdown makeover, consider adding a lamp to focus lighting onto your face so that you can see your work better. You could also swap your mirror out for a Hollywood Mirror that has built in LED lights; it provides even light coverage and looks fantastic in any bedroom!

Get Your Home Ready for Guests

All of the restrictions are expected to be near enough lifted by around the 21st of June, which means we will be able to start having people round our houses for social events again. While this is an exciting thought, if you haven’t been looking after your space during lockdown, now is the time to make some improvements and turn it into a home of which you’re proud to show off.

If you have any unsightly radiators or just a section of wall that you don’t like you can cover it with a radiator cover. Or you could put up a set of shelves for displaying your favourite pictures and ornaments, making them stand out for your guests. If your current furniture is looking worn, you could update it with some modern, stylish replacements.

Get Your Kitchen Ready for Dinner Parties

During lockdown, many of us have overindulged on takeaways, leaving our kitchens neglected and unused. Prepare for your summer dinner parties now by practicing your favourite recipes and cooking more. You’ll have the confidence knowing that you’ve kept your skill before the pressures of the big night approach, making the experience relaxed rather than stressful.

You could think about adding some appliances to make spending time in the kitchen easier and more enjoyable. If you haven’t got a slow cooker, you will love how practical they make cooking, allowing your meal to cook throughout the day. If you bake, a stand mixer could be your new best friend, taking the hard work out of kneading and mixing.

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