Christmas Gift Guide for 2022

Christmas this year is going to be slightly different. We won’t be able to have the usual big Christmas party with our entire families, but that doesn’t mean that the celebrations have to be halted. We can still have a memorable and intimate Christmas with our loved ones; it will just be on a smaller scale than we are used to. Make it more meaningful with our selection of Christmas gifts that will be sure to put a smile on their faces.

Hollywood Mirrors for the Beauty Queens

For anyone who loves to spend time in front of the mirror perfecting their makeup, a Hollywood Vanity Mirror would make the perfect gift this Christmas. The LED lights surrounding the mirror creates even coverage so that the user to easily see every aspect of their makeup. The even lighting that our Hollywood Mirrors provide is the key to perfecting your finished style; uneven lighting can result in uneven makeup.

As well as being an absolute dream to use for your morning and evening routine, our Hollywood Mirrors also look fantastic and will make any bedroom or dressing room look glamorous. The design of the lights surrounding the mirrors will make any user feel like a Hollywood film star, hence the name ‘Hollywood Mirror’.

Food Mixers for the Chefs & Bakers

Whether your loved one is an avid baker or amateur chef, they’ll absolutely adore our food mixers. Available in 4.5L, 5.5L and 6.2L, we have a size for everyone’s individual needs, but we would always recommend going bigger with a food mixer, you can bake more cakes and sweet treats that way!

Fully equipped with a splash guard, all of the attachments you could want and a stainless steel bowl, they’ll have hours of fun practicing new recipes and experimenting with outlandish bakes. The best part of giving a food mixer as a Christmas gift has to be eating the treats after. If you think about it, the food mixer would be more of a gift for yourself rather than your loved one, but they’ll still be over the moon with it nonetheless.

Electric Golf Trolleys, 3 Wheel Push Golf Trolleys & 2 Wheel
Manual Golf Trolleys

For any golf lover, no matter what handicap they are, a golf trolley will be the best addition to their golfing game that they could ask for this Christmas. Electric golf trolleys completely take the load off,
allowing the player to save all of their strength for hitting the ball down course and onto the green. Our 3 wheel and 2 wheel push golf trolleys offer all of the support of an electric but don’t have the motor to help you push the bag along, making them ideal for someone who wants to keep warmed up between holes without lugging a great big golf bag around.

Garden Play Sets, Slides & Swings

If there’s one thing that you could give your child for Christmas that will get your child away from their gadgets and out into the fresh air, it would be an outdoor play set, swing set or slide. Made from weather resistant materials, our garden play sets will look amazing for many years to come and will offer them an incentive to get out in the garden and keep active all year round. With less facilities being available for keeping children entertained, now would be a great time to transform the garden into their own personal playground, giving your little one a place to expend their built up energy.

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