Christmas 2020 Gift Guide

Christmas 2020 is nearly here. It’s almost time for us to let our hair down, forget about COVID for a while and be merry with our loved ones. This year it is more important than ever that we make the most of Christmas to help us get through these tough times. Below are some of our favourite pieces that would make the best Christmas gifts.

U-Move 3 Wheel Kids Scooters

For the little ones this Christmas we have the U-Move 3 Wheel Kids Scooters. Quality in build and design, your child will have the confidence and stability to perfect their scooting skills without the fear of losing balance. We have selection of scooter styles and finishes to suit every child’s individual taste; from pink to blue, sparkly to metallic, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the perfect kids scooter to give as a Christmas present with us. For the older adrenaline junkies, our U-Move scooter range is completed with a pink and blue lithium battery electric scooter. Reaching up to 8km/h, they’ll have hours of fun scooting around with the assistance of the 60W motor.

Electric Golf Trolleys, 3 Wheel Push Golf Trolleys & 2 Wheel Manual Golf Trolleys

For any golf lover, no matter what handicap they are, a golf trolley will be the best addition to their golfing game that they could ask for this Christmas. Electric golf trolleys completely take the load off, allowing the player to save all of their strength for hitting the ball down course and onto the green. Our 3 wheel and 2 wheel push golf trolleys offer all of the support of an electric but don’t have the motor to help you push the bag along, making them ideal for someone who wants to keep warmed up between holes without lugging a great big golf bag around.

Garden Play Sets, Slides & Swings

If there’s one thing that you could give your child for Christmas that will get your child away from their gadgets and out into the fresh air, it would be an outdoor play set, swing set or slide. Made from weather resistant materials, our garden play sets will look amazing for many years to come and will offer them an incentive to get out in the garden and keep active all year round. With less facilities being available for keeping children entertained, now would be a great time to transform the garden into their own personal playground, giving your little one a place to expend their built up energy.

Ben Sayers Golf Package Sets

Another ideal Christmas gift for the golf lovers, a golf package set from Ben Sayers would be sure to put a smile on their face. The high quality build in each individual club will make them fall in love with the game all over again. Made from durable steel and completed with graphite, they’ll adore the sensation that every swing brings. Paired with the class and support of each bag, they’ll enjoy using their Ben Sayers clubs and bag for every round on their local golf course.

4.5ft, 8ft, 10ft & 12ft Trampolines

Every child loves a trampoline; gifting them one for Christmas will put a huge smile on their face and they’ll never want to leave the confines of the safety net. There is something unrivalled about the bouncing and flying sensations that you get while jumping up and down on a quality trampoline. With sizes ranging from 4.5ft all the way up to 12ft, we are certain that we have the perfect indoor or outdoor trampoline for you little one’s abilities.

Football Goals

For all of the football fanatics out there, the recent pandemic probably means that training sessions have been cancelled. For your little striker, our Airwave Strike Football Goals would make the best gift this Christmas, offering them a sturdy target for practicing shots as well as a piece of equipment for just messing around with others in your household. You can even take them down to your local park or field for more practice space thanks to their lightweight build and easy dismantling methods.

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