Appliances to Promote a Healthy 2021

Everyone wants to be healthy; it’s the best way to feel good from the inside out. While exercise is a great way to stay in shape, good health starts in the kitchen with the kinds of food that you are putting into your body. Although healthy food and drink can seem tedious to make with long prep times and lengthy lists of sometimes unrecognisable ingredients, you can actually take out a lot of the hard work with a few kitchen appliances. You’ll love how easy they make being healthy, allowing you to get all of the nutrition you need using half of the effort you normally would.

Nutri Personal Blender

For healthy drinks in an instant, you can use our Nutri Personal Blender to turn your favourite ingredients into a burst of nutrition on the go. The easy to use functionality makes creating drinks and smoothies an absolute dream – you’ll find yourself obsessed! You can also use this blender to finely chop ingredients, blend delicious soups, and even to make sauces, giving you plenty of ways to use it for different recipes.

Nutri Personal Blender with ingredients for smoothie

Slow Cooker

Allowing you to prepare meals in the morning and let them slowly simmer to perfection throughout the day, slow cookers offer an easy way to fit in hearty meals at dinner time. All you need to do is prep your ingredients, add them to crock pot, and then leave it to work its slow cooking magic. You’ll come home from work to be greeted with a pre-cooked meal, ready to be served.

Slow cooker with healthy vegetable curry

Stand Mixer

While having a stand mixer that makes baking as easy as possible can be considered as encouraging a sweet tooth, it also allows you to control what goes into your baking, meaning that you can create healthy alternatives to your favourite bakes. There are plenty of healthier versions of our everyday favourite sweet treats available online, so there are plenty of options from which to choose. Your stand mixer will also take all of the hard work out of baking so you’ll be more likely to opt for your healthy home bakes rather than shop bought ones!

5.5L Stand Mixer with healthy chocolate and banana loaf

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