4 in 1 Remote Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The new Pro Rider 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is the latest design in robotic remote cleaning. No more physical work! Let the Robot Cleaner take care of all your cleaning duties. From sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfection, this new machine covers it all. Simply set the desired time and day for cleaning, then kick back and relax.

Cleaning Function:

The Robot Cleaner has duel brush cleaning, vacuum cleaning and mopping. With the wireless remote control, you can control the robot within 10m and clean a specified area.

Intelligent Cleaning Modes:

Just simply press Auto key and this little marvel will clean automatically.

The Cleaner will operate a spiral cleaning mode allowing you to spot clean. 

Edge cleaning 
When detecting obstacles i.e. walls, tables and chairs, the intelligent cleaner will use its side brush function.

Full Go mode 
The Cleaner will start cleaning automatically when the battery is charged. 

Scheduling Mode 
Allows you to schedule a cleaning time when you want. With this new function the Robot Vacuum will carry out a cleaning session and then return itself automatically to the docking station, and recharge. 

Virtual Wall Blocker 
Allows you to create your own virtual wall where the Robot Cleaner will not pass. 

UV Sterilizing 
Featuring UV lamp – cleans dust and spots with its sterilizing function.

Includes a mopping cloth and mopping plate. 

HEPA filter 
Effectively cleans fine dust.

No bag needed 
Simply empty the bin tray.

Smart Power-Saving Function 

Sleep Mode 
The Robot Vacuum will automatically enter a sleep mode if no new command is given within 3 minutes. 

Key Features:

- Equipped with HEPA Ultra-fine filter
- Support mopping function
- Cleaning Mode: Auto, spot, edge cleaning
- UV lamp for sterilizing function
- Bagless Design
- Adjustable Walking speed
- Wall Following Sensor ensure this clean most ground surface along the wall
- Clean by spiral, linear, zigzag,
- Week and time setting
- Function: Dry
- Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop: Available
- Remote Control: Available
- Robot Vacuum Cleaner Filter: HEPA
- Side Brush:  Single
- UV Lamp: Available
- Central Brush: Double
- Self-Charging: Available
- Virtual Wall: Available
- UV light sterilization kills most bacteria and viruses of the floors
- Self-adjusting cleaning head automatically traverses uneven floor transitions as it cleans carpet
- Main Material: ABS

More Information
Vat Exempt No

Main Unit

- Dimensions: 320mmx87mm(DxH)
- Weight: 3.2 kg
- Remote Control: Wireless
- Sterilization: UV
- Filter Material: HEPA
- Button Type: Touch
- Rated Voltage: 14.4V
- Battery Specifications: Ni-MH 2200mAh
- Unit Average Power: 24W
- Charging Time: About 5 hours
- Working Time: About 90 minutes
- Input of Charger: 100-240V AC
- Output Voltage of Charger: 24V SC
- Unit Size: Diameter: 32x8.7 cm
- Battery: 2200mA Ni-Mh
- Voltage of Battery: 14.4V
- Power: 24 Watt
- Dustbin: 350ml
- Certification: CE, CB, EMC, GS, ROHS