12 Litre Halogen Oven Convection Cooker In White

Nice and portable, and much easier to clean than a conventional oven, whilst using much less energy.

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Our Halogen Oven utilises the latest technology to cook 3-5 times faster than conventional oven with less energy consumption, as you are only heating up the proportional space of your food. However food has the oven crispness to it which is so often lost by microwave.

Halogen heat source bulb is housed in the lid together with fan which ensures efficient heat circulation around the main tempered glass cooking bowl. This also means you do not have to pre-heat oven.

We have conducted extensive cooking tests with this oven and can report that meat joints, in particular the more fattier meats like Pork and Duck are superb through this oven and really come out crispy, as more fat is rendered out of the meat throughout the cooking process than conventional cooking.

Highly versatile with easy to use controls with a range of temperature settings allowing Roasting, Baking, Steaming etc. It has a defrost and also a handy self clean setting, together with timer.

By utilising the Oven Extender Ring, capacity of oven is increased by 40% to 17 litres.

 What's Included:

  •     Halogen Oven (Comprising main lid, cooking bowl and stand).
  •     1 x Extender Ring - Increases cooking chamber to 17 Litres.
  •     1 x Low Grill Rack
  •     1 x High Grill Rack
  •     1 x Baking Tray
  •     1 x Steamer Tray
  •     1 x Lid Holder
  •     1 x Tongs
  •     4 x Skewers (This are handy pushed through baked potatoes prior to cooking to help transfer heat to centre quickly).
  •     Replacement Halogen bulb and fitting instructions.
  •     Full Instructions and sample recipe booklet.

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You're reviewing:12 Litre Halogen Oven Convection Cooker In White

Heats up and cooks quickly - No need to pre-heat.

Cooks 3-5 times faster than conventional oven.

12 Litre Safe Tempered Glass Cooking Bowl.

Low energy consumption.

Easy to use time and temperature controls.

Portable and convenient.

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